Badlands Bino Case Review

Editor: Chris

Basic Description:

The Badlands BinoCase features the Company’s ZIP-NO closure system, which uses magnets to create a water and dust proof seal around the carrying case. No zipper means greater accessibility and less noise when accessing binoculars. The case clips to a full harness system that is ventilated and highly adjustable. Also included is a built in hydration sleeve, lens cleaner, bow hook, and four pockets.

Just the Facts: Weight: 1 lbs 8oz

Dimension: 10” x 6.5” x 3”

Capacity: 200 ci

Compartments: 1

Pockets: 4

Available in Max 1 and AP camo patterns


When it comes to big game hunting and scouting, there is no disputing the importance of good optics. Ask a group of hunters what is the best binocular or the best way to carry binoculars, and you might start a lively debate however. What matters to me when carrying my binoculars is that they are first, easily accessible when needed. Second, out of the way when they are not in use. Third, can be carried comfortably and finally are protected.

When your quarry gives you a split second to assess trophy quality, binos stuffed in a backpack are of no use. Likewise, binos hanging off your neck can snag vegetation as you make that “once-in-a-lifetime” stalk and in turn become more of a liability than an asset. Finally, when you neck or shoulders become so sore from wearing binoculars, or you are so worried about potentially damage to expensive optics, that you opt to leave your binos in camp or the truck, your investment in quality glass stops paying dividends.

Over the years, I have tried a number of options for carrying binoculars, from a simple shoe string hung to my neck to muck more complex binocular harness systems. In recent years, manufacturers of outdoor products have introduced innovative new ways for carrying binoculars. One of those companies with a great option is Badlands, which offers the BinoCase. The BinoCase meets all of my criteria for a binocular carrying system. I have utilized the BinoCase on an archery mule deer hunt and a desert bighorn sheep hunt. On the both hunts, my binoculars were only off my body when I was done hunting for the day. After an extensive period of time with the BinoCase, the product gets high marks from me. The BinoCase has become a nice complement to my binos and will accompany me on more hunts in the future.

What could they do better?

The hydration compartment requires a special hydration bladder and is not real practical when carrying a pack. The limited volume of water the hydration pouch allows one to carry, renders it of limited use.

The hydration sleeve was a bit bulky when closed up and did not vent real well.

Badlands Bino Case Review
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