Double Shot with Brü-Stop by Planetary Design

Editor: Johnny LeMaster

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Just The Facts:

Double Shot

Newly re-designed with spill-proof press/drink lid, durable textured paint finish, and laser-welded handle, the new Double Shot also features Brü-Stop press technology for a perfectly smooth brew, anytime, anywhere! Lid can be attached for left or right-handed drinkers.

  • Features dual-purpose press & drink lid
  • Constructed of double-walled, 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel
  • Laser-welded handle with caribiner clip hole
  • Innovative Brü-Stop plunger design prevents bitterness and over-extraction
  • Durable brushed stainless steel, or matte textured paint finish
  • BPA-free components

Hand-washing recommended

Airscape Lite

The Airscape® Lite canister sets are made from a durable and BPA and phthalateFREE copolyester (#5 plastic), are stackable and square-shaped to save space, and are perfect for keeping baking ingredients, tea, flour, sugar, spices, cereal, seeds, nuts, cookies, pet food, and so much more, super fresh, for super long.

The Airscape® canisters go beyond being “airtight”, which locks air inside of the canister, to actively removing air, and extending the life of your perishable goods.  With Airscape®, you’ll keep what’s good today, good tomorrow too!


  • The patented valve forces air out, then locks the lid in place
  • The kitchen canisters are made from a durable, BPA-Free copolyester
  • Durable construction resists scratching and staining
  • Dishwasher safe body, hand-washable inner lid

My Story:

The Double Shot has become one of my favorite travel companions.  This travel mug is the perfect addition for good coffee when you are on the go.  Planetary Design has utilized a similar technology used in their Airscape containers to store coffee grounds in the bottom of the mug for convenience.  The bottom of the mug unscrews to reveal a storage compartment large enough to hold grounds for a couple uses.  The “plunger” squeezes out all of the air keeping the grounds both fresh and dry until you are ready to make that delicious cup of coffee.

I will be honest when I first got ahold of the Double Shot, I did not do my due diligence and read the specifications on the travel mug.  I assumed it was just a double walled, vacuum insulated, aluminum travel mug with a built in French press, which it is.  This in of itself would be enough to recommend this product to people.  What I didn’t realize was that it had the build in grounds storage area that keeps your coffee grounds fresh and dry.  It also boasts great insulation.  The double walled vacuum insulated aluminum with the sealed travel lid kept my coffee warm for hours and definitely hot for a couple hours while I was out on a hunt.  This mug goes above and beyond as Planetary Design products do.

My mug has become a staple in my truck.  I keep the bottom storage filled to the max with grounds ready for when I need a good cup of coffee on the go.  Recently I got up early and met up with a few friends for a good pheasant hunt.  I had ran out of coffee at home the day before, and had gotten busy after work not having the chance to restock my supply of the black life blood.  Arriving at my buddies house ten minutes early I had a few minutes to kill while I waited for him to get ready, and for the others to show up.  Tired and cranky I started organizing my truck a little to give the other guys that would be riding with me plenty of room for their gear and themselves.  As I started tucking items under the seats and into the door panels I spied my Double Stop mug that was stashed in the back door.  I was so excited as I had forgotten I had it in the truck for just such occasions as this.  I had already been scheming on just pulling into a gas station, as I was in control of the vehicle, and suffering through a cup of burnt, overly loaded with creamer, terrible coffee.  I went into my buddies house and asked if he would mind if I used his instant hot water, a little curious he started watching as I went to work with my Double Shot.  I unscrewed the bottom, pulled the little airtight plunger out and poured half the grounds into the mug.  I proceed to add the hot water and at this point I really peaked my friends interest.  He was pretty intrigued with a mug that stores its own grounds, but was really impressed that it was a French press as well.

I went back to my truck and set the mug in my cup holder to seep while I drove to the first hunting spots.  This gave the coffee about 15 minutes before I depressed the plunger and prepared to get the first shot of energy in my belly.  I unlatched the drip proof lid and carefully took a sip.  I could barely drink it without burning my tongue to a crisp.  I latched the lid back up and left the mug in the cup holder while I went out with the guys and our dogs to try our luck at some birds.  I was a bit disappointed that I did not have a belly full of coffee to help give me that clarity of mind and energy needed to hike the steep hills covered in thick brush before us.  Two hours later we returned back to the truck worn out, thirst, wet, and only slightly successful in our endeavors.  I immediately grabbed for my Double Shot.  I needed the liquid energy it held more now then ever.  I again unlatched the lid and took a sip.  Fully expecting the coffee to be cold by this point I was a bit surprised that the coffee was still hot.  It had cooled enough to be able to drink without completely sterilizing my mouth with the molten liquid.  The coffee it held was a great reward after the work I had put in.  The Bru Stop kept the coffee steeping the entire time I was out providing a delicious cup of joe.

A new staple in my kitchen and in the camp trailer has been another fantastic addition from Planetary Design, the Airscape storage containers.  I keep all of my coffee ground in one.  The plunger helps to not only seal the grounds between uses but it squeezes out all of the additional air prior to sealing it up helping to keep items fresh longer.  These containers are great  they keep stored items fresh and are easily stackable for storage.  The durable clear plastic containers keeps items protected in place incase of that accidental drop.  Its happened a couple times to me.  I cringed hard the first time dropping my Airscape loaded with coffee grounds, fully expecting to cover the kitchen floor making it look like a black sand beach.  I was very surprised and happy to see not a ground spilled and the container unmarred from the tile floor.  I can tell you I have put the Airscape on my Christmas list.  I want to switch out all of my flour, sugar, rice, and other food items to these containers to keep them fresh and dry longer.

Planetary Design continues to come out with great products that everyone should have for their daily lives.  Items that make life easier and more convenient, and above all provide you with a great cup of coffee no mater where you are.  I am excited to see what they come out with next.

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What can be done better:

Honestly I have no complaints.  I am completely satisfied with these items. I give these items both 5 stars.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability