980 Turret by Benchmade

Editor: Johnny LeMaster

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Just the Facts:

Boasting one of the strongest locks in Benchmade history, the 980 is a folder made for the long haul. This will be tactical standard for years to come. OD is the new black. BLADE LENGTH 3.70” [9.40cm] BLADE THICKNESS 0.124” [3.150mm] OPEN 8.60” [21.84cm] CLOSED 4.90” [12.45cm] WEIGHT 5.81oz [164.71g] HANDLE THICKNESS 0.67” [17.02mm] PRODUCT BOX 6” x 2.75” x 1.75”


Blade Steet: CPM-S30V (58-60 HRC)

Blade Style/Shape: Drop-point

Clip Type: Deep-carry

Clip Position: Reversible Tip-up

Glass Breaker: No

Handle Material: G10

Lanyard Hole: Yes

Molle Compatible: No

Sheath Type: No Sheath

Use: Every Day, Tactical

My Story:

When you need a blade that comfortable goes with you to get a cup of coffee, to the field, or when you need a knife that your life may depend on you, need to check out the Turret by Benchmade.  This knife combines the comfort needed for an everyday carry (EDC), the quality desired for a great knife, and the durability necessary in the field and in tactical situations.  The Turret is a great all around knife that will be exactly what you need and want in all situations.

If you are a knife person you know the name Benchmade.  They have a reputation of being high quality knives for a reasonable price that will not fail you when you need to rely on it.  I have always wanted to add a Benchmade knife to my collection, but until recently it never seemed to work out.  When I deployed overseas I was very excited to learn the Army had a contract with Benchmade to provide all of us with knives.  Due to unfortunate circumstances my unit did not receive ours.  After getting back I always planned to get one for my EDC, but fell into another great knife that I couldn’t give up.  Finally the time came for me to own one.  I looked through their inventory, sought advice from company representatives on what would be best for me, and did some research and finally settled on the Turret.

The moment I first put the turret in my hand I knew it was the knife for me.  If fit my hand perfectly and comfortably.  The G10 handle was shaped and textured to provide a very comfortable, durable, long-lasting, low maintenance handle.  G10 is widely used in knife handles for the qualities it exhibits.  The glass fiber infused epoxy resin can be formed into any shape and texture you desire through heat and pressure, the resulting product does not degrade over time like some other products that are often used for hand grips.  The weight of the knife in my hand felt really good.  At 5.81 oz, nearly 5” handle, and 3.7” blade this larger folding knife has the feel and size desired by first responders, military and anyone else that wants a tactical style knife for their EDC.  The deep pocket clip can be changed to either side of the knife for point up carry that is ready no matter what your dominant hand is.

Also built into the handle is the Axis locking mechanism.  This is one of the greatest features of this knife and a development in folding knife technology by Benchmade.  The Axis consists of a hardened steel locking bar that slides forward and back in the slot machined into both sides of the steel liner and G10 grips near the spine of the knife.  This makes the locking mechanism accessible from both sides of the knife for ambidextrous usage.  The hardened steel bar is firmly snapped in place by a spring that is soft enough to easily disengage with one hand, but strong enough to provide a positive lock when the blade is opened using the ambidextrous thumb studs.  The Axis locking mechanism is one of the strongest locking mechanisms developed by Benchmade.  Unlike many other companies locking mechanisms the Axis is not one that I worry about accidentally being disengaged while using the knife.  I have had other knives that depending on how I put pressure on the handle when cutting, or grip dependent would disengage the locking mechanism when not being very careful.  With the Axis I have not had any fear of accidentally tripping the locking mechanism giving me a lot more confidence in this tool would not fail me in the task at hand.  The Turret has quickly become one of my all time favorite EDC knives.  It comes with me everywhere I go, stands up to the abuse I put it through and easily handles all tasks I have put it through.

I highly prefer to carry a larger folding knife for my EDC.  The 4.9” handle and additional 3.7” blade comprise a knife that provides the confidence and comfort in your hand every time you pick it up.  The aggressive jimping on the blade gives excellent extra grip.  The 3.7” blade is forged out of CPM-S30V Steel.  CPM-S30V stainless steel is widely regarded as one  of the best premium steels to make knife blades out of.  It is a very high quality rust and wear resistant steel that is very machinable and easy to sharpen.  The steel holds and excellent edge that will keep a great edge on your knife for a long time during normal usage, and get is easy to sharpen.  The drop point, flat grind blade is available in either a plain edge satin finish or a black partially serrated blade that compliments the nicely.  This blade is incredible.  Under the normal day to day usage the blade holds an edge very well.  I believe in always having a sharp knife.  If your blade isn’t ready for anything the second you pull it out, there is no point in carrying it.  The Turrets premium steel holds and edge longer making for less work in keeping it sharp.

I have carried the Turret with me in all different situations, used it in varying circumstances and have never been disappointed by the results.   This knife has been with me when backpacking, camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, at the office and walking down the street.  The Turret by Benchmade is an aggressive knife for an aggressive life style.  This knife was made to be put into the toughest situations, perform and hold up when you depend on it the most.  The Turret is ideal for the first responder, military, and the person that wants to have a solid knife that they can always depend on no matter what situation they find them self in.  This knife has found its way into becoming one of my main EDC knives.  Benchmade will always be a staple in my life.

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What Could be Done Better:

I give this product 5 stars!

There is not anything on this knife that I would like to see done any different.  This knife is made out of high quality materials and features a design that is perfect for tactical situations, and the all-around EDC


  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability