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Basic Description: is a one stop hunting information site.

Navigating the draw systems, point options, available hunts, and deciding what hunts I may draw a particular year is becoming more and more difficult. One friend recently told me that a law degree may be necessary to figure it all out, I agreed. is a valuable web site that help reduce the complexity of hunting the west. I recently signed up for their service for a couple of reasons that I think will resonate with the reader.

  1. I wanted to figure out what hunts I could draw with the points I currently had in Wyoming and Utah, and I wanted to figure out how to approach Nevada.
  2. I wanted to evaluate, of the units I could draw, what kind of hunt I could expect. Draw odds, terrain, herd populations, etc.

I was pleased to find all of these answers and more on the web site.  Here is how I did it:

First, I checked out the State of Wyoming by looking at the “Hunter Filter System, for Members Only”  This Filter allowed me to put in my points, and answer questions such as: Include Hunts where I have high draw odds, or include hunts that I would have high success rates. These filters are both very valuable and helped me make my decision on where to apply based on those 2 factors: High Odds, and Success Rates.
Second, I looked at the herd trends in the area, and checked with a couple of hunters that had hunted the units I was interested in. Wow, this was awesome, and really helped me figure out where to apply and what to expect.
Ok, I had Wyoming figured out. I used this same process on Utah and quickly made up my mind on that State,  now onto Nevada.
I have never hunted Nevada, or applied in that State….so
I began by looking at the Hunt Draw System Page. I clicked on Nevada and read, learned, and decided to proceed with just the purchase of a license and point. It was easy to come to this conclusion by just reading the information available on the site.
I now almost feel like an expert in the draw systems of several western states, without  getting that law degree. There are other sites out there that will allow you to look up odds, or rather, what the odds WERE. makes an attempt to tell you what the odds WILL be, that is a huge difference, and really differentiates them from others.
There is much much more to this site, I have just touched on  a few features here, but I think you get the idea. I was able to quickly come to decisions, and get great guidance on how to approach Western States Hunting.

If you want to just HUNT, check out the hunts they have available through reputable guides.

In Summary:
If you are looking to hunt the west, and do not want to spend years figuring it out, then join with The service is $50 per year, and comes with a nice DVD, and your choice of Western Hunting Magazines. I am glad I made the move and purchased the service. I feel educated, informed, and I feel I have a service that will help me become a more successful hunter. Nice job guys, and thanks for a great service.

What they could do better:
-expand the online hunter database
-in addition to providing success rate, try to include type of animal killed, bulls, cows etc. Online Hunting Service Review
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