It is hard to believe that our last Hole in the Rock Jeep adventure occured 8 years ago. The trail leading to Junction Camp has changed dramatically. Big changes to the trail, but man did it make it fun and challenging.

We had 4 vehicles on this Jeeping Tour: 1997 Jeep TJ, 1992 Jeep Wrangler, 2010 Jeep 4 door with HEMI, and a 1976 International Scout. No stock rigs on this trip.

Here are the maps of the route we took, you can see the old way in marked with a dashed line, the new way is marked with a solid RED line.  The trail from the highway to the HARD RIGHT TURN is a nice road. Once you turn the  jeeping starts!

The trail has become much more challenging. The cut across from the new road to the old path is fun, but loaded with steep slick rock ledges, tight corners, and many climbs worthy of at least limited slip. I cannot imagine this trail could be done with a stock jeep. Our group of 4 vehicles all had: Good suspension lifts, lockers or limited slip, and over sized pressure reduced tires. We needed all of that.

We tried out a number of new gadgets, and jeep stuff on this trip. The most unique equipment we tried was:

-Big Foot Gear Bag

-Off Road Jeep Trailer by, of Rigby Idaho

Off Road Trailer by

-Rear Tire  Shovel Carrier by,  of Rigby Idaho

We will have separate reviews for all of these items on our Cool Gear section.

The Hole in the Rock Trail will challenge any off road vehicle. There are several fun, and difficult sections. The area between the Nokai Dome road, and the intersection with the old road is tough. It is full of steep slick rock, the trail is pretty well marked with black tread, and some paint on the rock.

The section from the intersection to the end is also full of good climbs, ledges, and plenty of just bumpy road. The path up Grey Mesa is always fun. The chute is cool, and what we call the Crack is always good for a rush.

If you want a challenging, 2-3 day jeep trip into some of the most beautiful and remote country in the lower 48, then this is a good option. Do not go alone, bring some good tools, and be prepared for some fun and challenging trails.

Hole In The Rock Jeep Trail Review and Photos
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