Salomon OUTline Hiking shoe

Staff Editor: Johnny LeMaster

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Just the Facts:

Some adventures are equal parts connecting with friends, having fun outside, and discovering new places. The sleek, stylish OUTline ideally suited to such adventures, with lightweight and flexibility like a running shoe, but enough grip and protection for any trail.

Sneaker-like comfort that’s ready for the mountains, this is your go-to shoe for everyday adventures.

  • Slim, athletic style
  • Sneaker-like comfort
  • Outdoor grip, outdoor durability, outdoor protection
  • WEIGHT (G) – 340/ 12 oz
  • DROP (IN MM) – 9
  • OUTSOLE – Non marking Contagrip®
  • MIDSOLE – injected EVA foam
  • PROTECTION – Protective synthetic toe cap
  • SOCKLINER – OrthoLite®, DieCut Ortholite
  • FIT MANAGEMENT – Heel Strap, Precise forefoot fit, Traditional Lace
  • HEIGHT – Low
  • SLIM, ATHLETIC STYLE – Built with a running last and integrated features, this sleek but technical shoe looks as light and agile as it feels.
  • SNEAKER-LIKE COMFORT – Lightweight (300g) and engineered with great flexibility and foothold, OUTline is as comfortable as a running shoe.
  • OUTDOOR GRIP, OUTDOOR DURABILITY, OUTDOOR PROTECTION – 5mm deep lugs on the outsole, protective toe cap and breathable mesh make this your go-to for every mountain adventure.

My Story:

You feet are one of the most important things you have.  They take you on adventures that give you memories and stories that last a life time.  Having the right footwear for the situation is like having the right tires on your truck, there is not one tire that fits every situation.  But you can find the right shoe for the right adventure.  If that adventure is hiking and running on trails you are going to want to check out the OUTline by Salomon.  This lightweight hiking shoe is perfect for getting out and enjoying the off pavement experience no matter what you speed.

When I got ahold of the OUTlines I wanted to wear them around for awhile to get them broken in before I took them out on a good hike.  I was immediately surprised and impressed with how lightweight these hiking shoes are.  At just 12 oz these shoes come in at the weight of light running shoes.  Once I slipped it on my foot my next though was how comfortable the shoe was.  It has a snug narrower fit that that hugs your foot and provided support when on the most uneven terrain.  They included the EnergyCell Midsole, a high performance EVA foam for comfort all day long. These features made me love this shoe immediately.  After wearing it for a few days at work, I didn’t want to switch back to my normal work shoes.  The OUTline was just way more comfortable keeping my foot happy all day long.  I found myself using the OUTline as my normal day to day shoe.  I was ready for work or play at any time.

I started wearing the OUTline while trail running the week after I first got it.  We have a great trail just out of town here that follows along the Creek and around the lake.  Part of the trail is paved, part is gravel, and part is dirt/mud.  There is something for what ever occasion of outdoor running you prefer.  The first trip was on the pavement and gravel.  The shoes provided great shock attenuation keeping both my feet and knees in great shape while running on the hard surface.  A few days later I wanted to try out my OUTlines on the surfaces they were made for.  I took my lab up to the lake to run some energy out of her on the dirt trails were we could both run free.  The ContraGrip outsoles on the shoes gave me excellent traction as I attempted to keep up with my dog and chased her along the muddy trails.

So far the Outlines had outperformed anything I could have asked for in a shoe.  I had one more test I wanted to try the shoes out on.  I wanted to wear the shoes on a good hike in the hills.  The problem was I didn’t have a backpacking trip coming up, I couldn’t decide on a good trail to go hiking on, so I came up with a good idea.  I love to Geocache.  For those of you who are wondering what that is, I recommend you look it up.  In short it is a giant global treasure hunt that will take you to all places urban and rural that you might never have explored otherwise.  I got on  the website and started looking for a good cache that I had not gone after yet that would take me deep into the woods, for the perfect trip to see if my shoes would keep up.  After a little searching I found the cache I was looking for.  This one took me up in the mountains not to far from town and put me on a trail  with my dog by my side with a goal in front of us.  The OUTlines were the perfect shoe for the hike.  The loose dirt, rocks, hills, and draws were no issue for the shoes.  The shoe hugged my foot perfectly, giving me great control and traction.  The mesh upper allowed my foot to breath and helped keep me blister free while I worked up a good sweat on the hike.  By the end of the hike I had put miles on my feet achieved the smiley face I was after (found the geocache 😊), and completely loved my OUTline shoes.

My adventures have just continued with the OUTlines taking me there.  I love the OUTLine by Salomon.  They definitely lived up to the lofty standards they have put forth for hitting the trails and getting back to nature.  Theses shoes continue to be my go to shoe for work and play.  When I want to have a comfortable adventure I know just how I am getting there.

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What Could Be Done Better:

Not much can be done better with these shoes.  They are lightweight, comfortable, and provide the durability and traction needed for adventures off the grid, or just for casual wear.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability