TRAIL 2650 By Danner

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Just The Facts:

With 2,650 miles, the Pacific Crest Trail provides a wide variety of terrain over its epic expanse. Whether you’re out for the weekend, a few miles or are looking to get some serious mileage, the PCT has something for you. It’s that need for versatility that inspired our Trail 2650. Built to move quickly and confidently through the terrain of your choosing, the Trail 2650 can easily fill the role of a lightweight hiker or trainer. Using a Trailguard TPU shank and an EXO Heel System, the Trail 2650 is both lightweight and provides stability on challenging grounds.


  • Style: 61271
  • Weight: 24 oz per pair
  • Height: 3”
  • Insulation: Non-Insulated
  • Color: Brick Red
  • Footbed: OrthoLite
  • Shank: TPU
  • Last Type: DT6
  • Lining: Non-Waterproof
  • Liner: Mesh
  • Outsole: Vibram 460
  • Recraftable: No
  • Manufacturing: Imported


Leather & Textile Upper:  We combine a durable leather with a lightweight textile to create an upper with modern performance and timeless Danner durability

Mesh Lining:  Lightweight and breathable for total foot comfort.

Removable Ortholite Footbed:  Three layers of varying density are combined for maximum cushioning and support.  The entire footbed is made of open-cell polyurethane for better heat dissipation and air circulation.

Danner Plyogo Midsole:  Ultra-lightweight EVA provides excellent cushioning with optimal weight savings.

Vibram 460 Outsole:  Self-adapting lugs and Vibram’s specially formulated Megagrip compound provide long-wearing resilience with incredible grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

Danner Trailguard:  Lightweight, seamless support with a roomier fit in the toe box and snug fit in the heel.

How it Fits:  Inspired from trail running, the DT6 last features an 8mm offset from heel to toe with slightly more width in the forefoot for stability and a good-looking, everyday-wearable aesthetic.

My Story:

If you are looking for a shoe that you can wear on the trail whether running, hiking, or back packing that also is great for everyday use, you need to look at the Trail 2650 by Danner.  The Trail 2650 was inspired by the prestigious Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) that weaves through 2650 miles of beautiful country that stretches from the southern border to the northern border of the United States along the west coast.  Just like the PCT the Danner Trail 2650 is a thing of beauty to all that have had the opportunity to experience it.  You will love the Trail 2650 from the moment you put it on your foot and will look for any excuse to wear it no matter what you are doing.

My intention with the Trail 2650 was to try out a new trail running/hiking shoe.  I wore it around for the first few days in my normal daily routine.  I wore it to work, to the store, around the house, taking my dog to the park to play and everywhere else my day took me.  After a few days of just wearing them around I didn’t stop.  I didn’t want to.  They are a comfortable good-looking shoe that provides great support and stability no matter what you are doing.  The OrthoLite footbed is very comfortable and supportive of the foot.  If this shoe was comfortable to wear all day in normal situations, I couldn’t wait to see how it did when I got it out for its intended use, the trails.

First chance I got, I headed to the closest trails to home.  One that I have spent countless hours hiking and exploring with my lab.  The trail follows the creek for a couple miles before winding along a diversion channel, and eventually circling the lake before heading back to the trailhead.  This has become one of my favorites spots to run and hike, especially when you have a very limited amount of time and just need to get outdoors for a little recharge.  With my lab by myside we headed out trail running the river section.  The first section of the trail is loose gravel, with small paths worn through it down to the bare dirt.  After the two-mile run, the trail turned into a winding dirt path that followed the diversion channel.  We slowed to a walk near the end of the diversion channel and began the hike on the various trails along the lake.  My feet were happy.  After the pounding that trail running can put on your feet, and then adding in a few miles of hiking my feet were still in good shape.  The Plyogo midsole, and OrthoLite footbed gave me excellent comfort and support.  Cushioning my foot from the constant pounding and providing excellent air circulation to help wick moisture.  I was worn out from the trek by the time we finally made it back to the truck hours later.  But I will say that I was incredibly happy with how the shoes performed.  My feet have been in a lot worse shape with a lot less of an adventure from other shoes.

I have continued to wear the Danner Trail 2650s just about daily for some time.  I have to tell you I have had a lot of compliments on these shoes.  They are a conversation starter.  I have had many people tell me that they really like how they look and ask who makes them.  Most are pleasantly surprised to hear that they are made by Danner.  Danner has long been known to make quality boots, but not many know that they also make quality shoes good looking shoes.  These conversations often evolve into me getting to share my experiences and adventures exploring new terrain with a shoe that I am wearing in a professional office environment.  The more I talk about the Trail 2650s the more it inspires me to get out and find my next adventure.  With me it doesn’t take too long before I find a new place to get out and play.

This fall I strapped a pack on my back and hit the trail with some friends for some much-needed R&R.  The Danner Trail 2650s on my feet we hit the muddy trail eager to put some miles under foot.  The trail weaved through a mountain canyon loosely following a creek.  It would meander high above the creek for a bit through basalt formations, and scree slopes, then back down crossing the creek.  You had to hop rock to rock before continuing on the trail along the soggy muddy creek bottom for a stretch.  This pattern repeated numerous times throughout the journey.  These shoes were built for this!  The Vibram 460 outsoles provided excellent traction on slippery slopes and wet rocks.  The Plyogo midsole combined with the thermoplastic polyurethane lightweight shank provided excellent protection and support for my foot when striking the sharp rock edges with my feet.  The vents built in between the outsole and midsole let the water drain away from my feet every time a creek crossing didn’t go quite as planned.  The light rubber two rand protecting my feet as they bashed against the rocks when stumbling on the loose footing with weigh on my back.  Finally, we arrived at our destination.  I was very happy with my choice of footwear for this adventure.  The Danner Trail 2650 performed perfectly.  They took everything with ease and performed excellent.

The Danner Trail 2650 shoe is an incredible all-around shoe.  It does its lofty name sake justice with the rugged beauty of them.  Danner brought the perfect combination of trail runner, hiking shoe, and added the stylish design to make it a perfect all-around shoe for the adventurist soul.  You will always be ready for any and all adventures that pop up no matter what you were planning for.  I can promise you that the more you wear this shoe the more you will want to wear it.  This one shoe has replaced many other shoes for me.

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What Could Be Done Better:

I wouldn’t change anything about them!  I love these shoes for their good looks, versatility, lightweight, durability, and their comfort in all situations.


  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability