Stoeger P3500

By Adam Mowrey

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Just The Facts:
The Stoeger P3500 is a versatile and affordable pump action shotgun that packs a punch. This gun performs like a top-of-the-line gun with a price tag of only $399. It feels great in the hands, and its pump action is smooth as butter. With a thin fore end profile, the gun swings smooth when the hunting action starts and it’s time to shoot.



12 Gauge

A chrome-lined barrel

Anodized Aluminum Receiver

Dual-action bars

A rotating bolt head

Chambered for 2-3/4″, 3″ and 3-1/2″

Come with choke tubes and wrench

Red-bar front sights

Available in Black Synthetic and Realtree Max-5

Available with a 26” and 28” Barrel length

Stock with rubber butt pad

Vent Rib Barrel

4+1 capacity that can be plugged for hunting regulation

My Story:

When I received the Stoeger P3500 shotgun it was just before the Fall hunting season started, and I was excited to get out and try this gun out on one of the tastiest small game animals in the forest, squirrels. Bit overkill for squirrels? Yes, it is but turkey hunting season isn’t until April here in North Carolina where I’m based. Maybe it’s because I’m from the south or maybe I’m just weird, but I love the taste of squirrel, and they are a ton of fun to hunt.

With my new gun around my shoulder, I headed out into my aunt’s plot of woods with high hopes of filling my daily limit of 8 squirrels, or as we often call them here in the south “tree chickens.” Now if I’m being completely honest here I had not even shot this gun prior to going out in the woods that day, which I know is not the best idea but time had been short so I just went with it. I had my gun loaded with Winchester 2- ¾” 6 shot shells and had pocket full of extra shells in my game vest. I walked slowly through the forest for about forty-five minutes with absolutely no luck. I didn’t even see a single squirrel.

Now usually this place is crawling with squirrels but like all wild animals it’s like they know it’s hunting season, and they recognize a gun when they see one. So, finally I smartened up and sat down under a big oak tree and waited and watched for movement. Not ten minutes had gone by when the first tree chicken came running down a tree about fifteen yards in front of me. I shouldered my gun, aimed and pow!

My first shot with the gun was a hit! I loved the feel of the gun in my hands and how smooth it felt as I placed it against my cheek and into my shoulder and swung the gun up to aim.

After I shot the first squirrel it’s as if all the other squirrels came out to see what was going on and the hunt was on. One right after the other came running through the leaves on the ground and some squiring across tree limbs way up in the tops of the trees. In total six shots and six future mealtime favorites. Then it’s as if they all caught on to what was happening and as fast as they showed up, they all disappeared. So I didn’t get my limit, but I was happy with six and with the accuracy of my gun.

Now I know pump shotguns are not as glamour’s as semi-automatic guns, but they are tried and true for their reliability. Having hunted with this gun all fall, I have found this gun to be as accurate and reliable as they come. It’s super easy to break down and clean and at a price tag of $399 it’s an incredible value. I have the Realtree Max-5 version with a 28” barrel. The gun has a stepped vent rib with a fairly visible red fiber optic front sight, but I did add a longer green hi visibility fiber optic sight to my gun just to help out a bit more with aiming quickly. The synthetic stock has proven weatherproof so far and the rotary bolt makes feeding and cycling new rounds easy and smooth. As duck season is starting to roll in here in North Carolina, I’m excited to get out and try this gun with some waterfowl and hopefully fill the freezer with some duck!

I can’t say enough good things about this gun. It’s only been one season, but so far, I’m stoked with this gun and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality gun at an affordable price.

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What can be done better?
I would not change a thing for the money.
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability