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With a fresh look and more coverage, Rincondo is a sturdy-styled frame with all the function of its well-loved cousins, Rincon and Rinconcito. Its rounded polarized lens shape and one-of-a-kind wrap will make your next sun-drenched trip even easier to enjoy.


Frame Color:Shiny Black

Lens Color: Blue MirrorLens

Material: Polarized Glass (580G)Frame

Fit: Regular

Size: M

Item No:06S9010 901001

  • C-Wall®Molecular Bond
  • Glass Layer
  • Encapuslated Mirror
  • Polarized Film
  • Glass Layer
  • C-Wall®Molecular Bond
Exploded view of 580G lens layers


Lightwave Glass

Superior clarity & scratch-resistant

  • + Glass provides the best clarity in material
  • + Encapsulated mirrors (between layers of glass) are scratch-proof
  • + 20% thinner and 22% lighter than average polarized glass

My Story:

I love sunglasses! I have those pesky blue eyes and with that comes a sensitivity to light. So, I have always been the guy that (Insert singing voice) wears my sunglasses at night! It is really a joke around many of my friends. I will literally go miles out of my way to go back and get forgotten glasses or detour to a gas station to buy a set if I am without. I even wear my shades in the fog. I have had so many pairs over the years it was time to test some Costa’s.

Costa is known for making some of the best sunglasses a person can buy. If you are an angler, a serious one, you already know about Costa. These are the glasses that some of the best fisherman and women in the world use and if it’s good enough for the pro’s, it’s good enough for me. So, when I had the chance to check out the Rincondo glasses I had to jump at the opportunity. I was extremely excited to check out this new design as it is certainly a crossover. These are the shades that you can use at the office or the river and I love when things are simple like that.

My first testing area was Riggins Idaho. I wanted to go chase some early summer chinook salmon and since my buddy had a cabin there it seemed the right place to go. So, off we went to try our had at catching some Salmon River salmon.

Once home from that adventure I went to Wallowa Lake in Oregon for a little kokanee fishing. It was a great time with my youngest daughter and one that I will not soon forget. We spent our days fishing, riding go carts and just hanging around camp.

After that I cruised over to the Puget Sound to hit the last day of the shrimp season. It was a madhouse out there but it was worth the trip as we piled on a limit of fresh shrimp.

From there I went south and did some sturgeon fishing in the Columbia River and was lucky enough to catch a pretty nice one after only about an hour of fishing.

I took the chance to hit the Pacific chasing some lingcod and rock bass. It was a great trip with my oldest daughter and one it will not soon forget. When I was finally home I had to reflect on a great month chasing fish around the PNW.

My last testing area was chasing sockeye salmon on the upper Columbia near Bridgeport Wa. And it was a heck of a trip. Fishing was on fire and limits were caught nearly as soon as the lines were wet.

So, as you can tell I put the Rincondo through the ringer. I used them as my primary glasses for this entire month-long trip and each day I grew to love them more and more. I love how they look, not to sporty, but not to hipster either. They fit well and wrap my eyes wonderfully. This means no crazy light gaps and a much clearer sight picture. I also love the hinged earpiece as it helps me not break things, cause I break things often lol.

The 580g lenses were new to me. I had some reservations about using actual glass lenses as I’m pretty hard on my shades. My fear of breaking the lens was not one to take lightly and I’m sure that if I was as carless with these as I have ben with other shades, I would have certainly paid for it. I will say, at least for me, having an expensive pair of sunglasses does make a guy a bit more cautious and that is not a bad thing. The lenses are so clear, so very clear, and with the polarization I was able to see fish like never before. My daughter called them my “magic glasses” and was often trying to take them off my face so she could find fish.

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What can be done better?

Glasses do not have a ton of frills and special features. They are what they are. These are just a fantastic product and i can’t find anything that I would change. I love these glasses and they are my main shades.


Costa Rincondo
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

Costa Rincondo

Looking for the last pair of sunglasses you will ever buy? Well look no further than Costa’s Rincondo. These are the glasses you have been waiting your whole life for. Whether it’s at the ball game or the river bank you are going to love the Rincondo!


Insanely clear lenses.

Comfortable and stylish.

Can add prescription lenses. 



That it took until 2021 for me to find these great glasses! 

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