YAKTRAX XTR Slip-on traction Snow Shoe Review

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Basic Description:

YAKTRAX XTR slip-on traction cleats for hiking or running on snow or ice.

Just the facts:

Fits multiple sizes, uses elastomeric material for attaching to shoe or boot and have chains and metal cleats for traction.



I received the Yaktrax XTR outdoor traction cleats as a Christmas gift and have used them when the paths I follow to watch wintering wild game become packed rendering snowshoes unnecessary.  Due to the steep inclines, normal hiking boots lack sufficient traction in these conditions so something else is in order.

I found the XTR’s quite light and easy to attach to boots or shoes of all varieties.  I appreciated the grab points at the back as they were large enough to allow me to stretch them over my shoes without having to remove my gloves. The XTR’s also stay in place and don’t change my normal walking and hiking style.  They have aggressive cleats for traction and provided ample traction.  On some stretches I was walking on bare, rocky ground but saw no evidence that there was any damage or wear to the cleats.

My wife has some strap on traction cleats similar to these of another brand but she has had problems with them coming off while walking.  The Yaktrax are heavier duty than hers and I have had no problems with them coming off.  In my experience the cleats have not gathered ice or snow as they claim.

One feature that I appreciated was that the XTR’s came with a nylon drawstring bag.  This allows me to keep them together and when I take them off and put them in my pack, the residual snow or moisture is not in contact with my other items.

I would recommend the Yaktrax XTR for anyone walking in steep or rolling terrain where the snow is packed or the surface is ice.  I have not run in them but they should work fine.


What they could do better:

No suggestions



YAKTRAX XTR Slip-on traction Snow Shoe Review
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