Yakima OverHaul HD System

By Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:

OverHaul HD adjustable truck rack brings best-in-class payload and unmatched versatility. Leveraging the HD Bars strength, OverHaul HD is more than dependable with a 500-lb on-road and 300-lb off-road weight capacity. Features 19-30″ adjustability and multiple built-in tie-

OverHaul HD


  • Adjustable height from 19–30″ to create custom set-ups for maximum utility and versatility
  • Maximum on-road rating of 500 lbs. 
  • Maximum off-road rating of 300 lbs.
  • Easy on-off placement in minutes with our patent-pending QuickChange™ rack attachment
  • Designed and tested for all common truck beds using our BedGrip™ clamp design, 
  • Additional required kits needed for tracked beds (Track Kit 1) and select tonneau covers (Tonneau Kit 1)
  • Built to last with engineered aluminum construction and a durable powder-coat finish
  • Compatible with all Yakima mounts to carry kayaks, surfboards, bikes, rooftop tents, lumber and more
  • Integrated tie-down points help easily secure any load
  • T-slot attachments make adding gear mounts and accessories fast—and simple
  • Integrated SKS (Same Key System) locks to secure your rack system to the truck bed
  • Works seamlessly with the new Yakima HD Barcrossbar in 60″/68″/78″ lengths (Sold Separately)
  • Built-in bottle opener—cheers!
  • Suggested accessories: SideBar, Load Stop, Eye Bolt, Ladder Roller, Wear Strips, HD Hook Strap, Rotopax™ Mounting Kit, Recovery Track Mount




My Story:

If you own a truck you need to own a Yakima OverHaul HD System. Yup, I am just going to start this review off right by telling you how it is. No sense beating around the bush to get to the information that you came here to get. This system is absolutely amazing!

When I bought my new truck I was a bit bummed out as I could not find the truck I wanted in my price range. I had to settle for the 5.5Ft. bed and I knew I was going to regret it at some point. Bottom line is that 5.5Ft. is just not very much room and if you adventure as often as I do you need to be able to bring gear. So if I can’t go out I am going to have to go up. This is where Yakima and the OverHaul HD System comes into play.

Setup of the OverHaul HD System was about as straight forward as it could be. It took some time to get everything setup but it was not a difficult task and it was nice that Yakima include all the necessary tools and hardware for the job.

I don’t see anybody having a significant struggle with assembly as the instructions are very easy to follow. My dad and I had the racks assembled in about 30 minutes.

My first testing area was the wilds of Idaho. I was going for my annual hunting trip and while I was eager to get into the woods I was worried that I was going to run out of space for my gear. What if I was successful and had to bring home an animal? Where the heck was I going to put all this stuff that cluttered up the back of my truck? Well, On the OverHaul HD System of course. My truck was loaded and we hit the road. I could not find a way to load my shovels and longer items into my truck so the first use of the OverHaul was to hold those essential items.

After staying the night at the hotel and letting a pretty nasty storm roll by it was time to head into the hills for a week of chasing elk. I had a fantastic time hunting and I was even lucky enough to harvest a bull. The week went perfectly, well almost perfectly, I was in a bit of a wreck as the icy roads and forces of gravity decided that my truck should become intimate with a tree. After I returned home my truck went to the shop and I was without it for just over a month. Luckily nothing happened to my OverHaul HD System.

Built of aluminum and with a load rating of 500 LBS on road or 300 LBS off-road along with height adjustment from 19-30’’ this bad boy will meet all your hauling needs. It is also compatible with all of Yakima’s mounts for hauling just about anything you can think of. Be confident that dirty thieves will not run off with your awesome rack as the integrated locking system will make sure it stays put. Yakima thought of everything!  

When my truck was finished the testing continued with lumber, kayaks and whatever else I could figure out to load up the OverHaul with. I am happy to report that the OverHaul Hd System never skipped a beat. I have around 1500 miles of travel under the OverHauls HD System and not a single issue to report. This thing is just a solid product that I have loved using!

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What can be done better?

Nadda, nothing, zip, zilch.   


5 out of 5!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Functionality