WILDO Camp-A-Box Complete

The Facts:
The WILDO Camp-A-Box mess kit contains:

The WILDO Camp-A-Box® Complete contains everything you need. Its compact and practical design means it fits perfectly in a backpack or large cargo pants pocket. Available in 9 colors.

Camp-A-Box® Complete Includes:
– Plate with lid/bowl
– Fold-a-cup® small
– Fold-a-cup® large
– Cutting-board w/Strainer
– Spork
– 3 Compartment Spice shaker

SIZE: 7.5 x 5.1x 2IN – 19 x 13 x 5CM
WEIGHT: 9.6oz

BPA Free – Dishwasher Safe – Microwavable

Editor: Matt

The Story:

Many times I am rushing out the door to leave the job and get out in the wilderness. With all the rush going on something is bound to get left behind. When it comes time to sit down for dinner I quickly realize that my utensils are sitting at home on the counter, along with my plates, cups and the much needed salt and pepper shakers. This has happened numerous times and I finally have found a solution. The Camp-A-Box® Complete. It has everything I need! It is compact enough that I can leave it in my camping box ready to go so the basics are never forgotten.

WILDO camp-a-box
WILDO camp-a-box

Weighing only 9.6 this lightweight gear is an incredible bargain for any outdoor enthusiast looking to save room, time and expense that surrounds the much desired camping meals. As you open the kit you will see the mini kitchen unfold before your eyes. The container itself serves as a large plate as well as the other half being not only a lid, incase you can’t finish your meal, but a bowl for your beef stew or that morning cereal.

WILDO Camp-A-Box Mess kit
WILDO Camp-A-Box Mess kit

Inside the kit you will notice two different sizes of the Fold-a-cup. The smaller of these two cups stands just about an inch tall when folded down but doubles in size to 2 inches tall holding 8oz of liquid. The larger Fold-a-cup stands 1.5 inches tall and doubles in height when opened allowing it to hold 20oz to serve as a larger drinking cup or a bowl. The fold in both of these cups serves as a catch to ensure the bowls don’t drip on anything once folded and stored back in the kit just in case you don’t get time to rinse them out. Another great feature is the cutting board that also acts as a strainer to help you clean those fresh berries you just found or drain the pasta you just cooked on your camp stove.

The cutting board is made of a sturdy material allowing you to use it for your thickest cuts of steak or even that rough chicken that you just overcooked. The Spork that comes with the kit is sturdy and isn’t going to break when you go to cut into that tough piece of meat. It serves as a knife, spoon and fork and it great all around. The last thing to the kit and my favorite is the 3 compartment spice shaker. With this small shaker you can put in any spice or sweetener that you can imagine but I tend to stick to salt, pepper and garlic in mine. All of these individual items fold up are self containing within the product itself.

Color options on WILDO
Color options on WILDO

We at, love this small, effective, and valuable kit. It will provide years of valuable use.
We consider it a buy.

What could they have done better:

In using the Camp-A-Box over the last few months I have been highly impressed. The kit is still in just as good of shape as it has been since I first opened it. I was concerned that the plastic used to make the kit would begin holding smells like Tupperware around the house but that isn’t the case. I have tried to abuse it and break it. I have tried to discolor the materials, and I have tried to find anything bad to say about the Camp-A-Box but quite honestly there is nothing bad to say.

One improvement I would like to see on the kit is a bigger spice container due to the fact that all your friends who forgot there’s at home because they don’t own this kit will be asking to use your salt and pepper.
This is the ultimate budget friendly camping “mess kit” if you want to call it that, which can handle everything you throw at it. The best part about it is that it is a lightweight, compact kit that can be kept in your backpack or your camping bins and won’t ever be forgotten. I highly recommend the Camp-A-Box to every avid outdoor enthusiast. You won’t regret investing in it. would like to thank the US distributor for providing us with the Wildo Camp-A-Box to review for all our followers. Visit to purchase your Wildo Camp-A-Box today.

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  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability