Wildear Hearing Boosters Review, USER SUBMITTED

Editor: Phillip

Just the Facts:
Each wildear is color coded for right and left ear. Custom molded and built with 4 programs(master series).


I was looking for hearing boosters that shut out gun noises and amplify noise in the woods. I wear hearing aids and preserving what I have is critical for me. I have tried others they dont do justice. Granted you are paying for a custom mold to your ears. I ordered the master series since I do both gun and bow. I know everyone is saying there is cheaper models and I have tried those. The custom molds yes are not a cheap investment but being able to wear these all day and barely notice them is more better than a general product you just buy. I do recommend having your audiologist do the molds for you as you have to get the molding material and plugs almost to your ear canal and if done wrong well you are just in big trouble. I tried mine today at the outdoor gun range and let me tell you just awesome. You can hear normal conversation and when your shooting it shuts off, granted this takes some getting used to the first couple times cause you do notice it. Brad who makes them for you is an absolutely awesome person to deal with I can’t say enough about the help he gives his potential customers. One thing I do recommend is getting the heavy duty pouch if you do any backpacking in the woods and plan to stay take them out as the leather pouch that comes with the series doesn’t give much padding and I dont want to ruin mine just by accident in my pack. Turnaround time is about 10 days, I got the molding kit in two days.

What could they do better:

Wildear Hearing Boosters Review, USER SUBMITTED
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