Lead Field Editor – Randy Johnson


VAIKEEN’S premium Antishock trekking poles with bag and accessories feature 100% 3K Carbon Fiber. Lightweight, collapsible, and tough enough to withstand the challenges of any outdoor adventure these 3K Carbon Poles are far more durable than standard carbon, making them a “winner” for hiking rugged mountain terrain. Vaikeen uses three times more carbon fibres than in generic poles, and weave it more effectively to help retain the natural carbon pattern strength. Ultralight and made for stability, these hiking poles come in at just 7.3 oz. and feature soft, non-slip EVA foam handles to ensure that your grip remains strong from the climb through the descent. Quick adjustment of the quick locks allows hikers to strap on the padded wrist straps, and then step forward to enjoy snow, mud, rocks and sand adventures safely and efficient!

• STRONG, ULTRALIGHT DESIGN – Crafted with 100% 3K carbon, these telescoping hiking poles with tungsten carbide tips are ultra-light and more durable than most other carbon poles for better terrain handling and reliability.
• IMPROVED GRIP COMFORT – Vaikeen trek poles are designed with natural cork handles and EVA foam grip extensions to give you better non-slip, ergonomic grip that whisks moisture away from your hands.
• QUICK-LOCK SYSTEM – Along with a padded wrist strap for comfort, these poles can be adjusted between 24” to 53” based on your height and comfort. The quick locks help to ensure that the poles never slip, slide or collapse while in use.
• COMPLETE HIKING POLE SET – Vaikeen hiking poles also include the most versatile and essential accessories, including snow and mud baskets, rubber feet and tips, connectors for storage, reflective safety stickers and a nylon carry bag.
• CONQUER ALL FOUR SEASONS – Built with precision, reliability and durability, 3K carbon poles are good for every season and terrain and offer natural anti-shock protection for less vibration and noise.


– 100% 3K Carbon with Tungsten Carbide Tips
– Ergonomic Natural Cork Handle with EVA Foam Handle Grip
– Quick-Lock Adjustability (24” to 53”)
– Padded Wrist Strap
– Weight: 7.3 oz. (206g)
– Diameter: 18/16/14 cm
– Satisfaction Guarantee
Please check Vaikeens sizing table included in manual for proper comfort and stability.
Orders Include:
– 2 Vaikeen Trekking Poles
– 2 Rubber Tip Protectors
– 2 Snow Baskets
– 2 Mud Baskets
– 2 Rubber Feet
– 2 Pole Connectors
– Reflective Stickers
– Nylon 600D Carry Bag

My Story:

Year in and year out I consistently wear out or break several pairs of trekking pole. In other words, I’m a “trekking poles worst nightmare! As a hunting guide and outdoor enthusiast I spend days hiking and backpacking in some of the nastiest terrain in North America. Southern Utah’s high desert plateaus, towering mountains, and bottomless sandstone eroded canyons will challenge the strongest hiker. For me personally, it is mandatory that I have the strongest and best trekking poles available on the market. Please note that this does not always translate into purchasing the most expensive trekking pole that you can buy because I’ve had many “premier trekking poles” break down in the field on me. I was a little skeptical when I was ask to field test Vaikeen’s 3K Carbon Trekking Pole but I can tell you that I’m happy that I said “yes.” After 4 months of extreme field-testing I can honestly say that I’m very happy with my decision. These poles are light and have proven to be extremely strong. I appreciate the quick lock system that allows me to adjust the height of the poles to my immediate needs out on the mountain. The ergonomics, or shape of the natural cork pole handles and EVA foam grip extensions have provided me with excellent non-slip grip.
For the type of terrain where I spend my time I have used the Vaikeen trekking poles for support, to climb, for balance on uneven talus slopes , and to safely maneuver down steep inclined slopes. As a guide I also use my 3K Carbon poles as a quick bipod to steady my binoculars on, to keep rattlesnakes at a safe distance, to provide a hunter with leverage to pull themselves up over ledges and to prop my heavy backpack up when I’m in muddy, snowy or cactus covered terrain.
I’ve found the mud and snow baskets that come with the Vaikeen trekking poles to be very handy. However, I have been most happy with the Tungsten Carbide tips that have provided me with outstanding traction on rocks, ice, snow and all other types of terrain without showing any wear!
The best part is that Vaikeen’s 3K Carbon poles are sold in pairs at a cost of around $69. Compare that price to trekking poles sold by larger, well known outdoor gear companies for as much as $170 and you will note a large savings, yet you give up very little if any in durability and quality! I recommend the purchase and use of these poles

What They Could Do Better:

The only issue I have had with my Vaikeen Poles is when I’m thrashing through thick brush I sometimes catch the quick-lock system on branches that can flip them open. Perhaps they can engineer the quick locks so this doesn’t happen.

I hope you enjoyed my review everyone. Good luck and continue to “keep your boots” warm for your next adventure out on the mountain.

Randy Johnson

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability