TitanReadyUSA Helius Rocket Stove Review

Editor: Cameron

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TitanReadyUSA is an American company that is making the highest quality survival and preparedness products. Recently I had the privilege of testing and using their Helius rocket stove. Now before I get into the details of their rockets stove, let me fill you in on what a rocket stove is.  A rocket stove is a very efficient way to cook and prepare food or boil water. It uses a combustion chamber with a vertical cylinder in which the flames travel upward, heating up whatever you are cooking. They have a lower chamber that allows air to get underneath the flames and fuel the burn. They, also have what is called a secondary burn, which is helps burn all the un-burnt fuel towards the top of the cylinder. This is where companies get their claims of a so called “smokeless” burn. One issue with many rocket stoves is keeping the lower chamber clear of ash so that the fire has enough air to continue burning.


Now that you have a brief overview of what a rocket stove is, let us talk about the Helius and what makes it the best rocket stove ever made.  The entire unit weighs 30lbs. It is fully built and welded out steel. The main cylinder is 6” schedule 20 steel pipe. The top cook surface is 3 separate pieces of heavy duty steel pipe which makes a very sturdy surface. The burn chamber is a perfect size for burn larger pieces of wood (for a rocket stove). The legs are steel as well and extend out to bring the cooking surface higher off the ground, thus saving your back and making cooking for a long time more enjoyable. Just to give you an idea of how sturdy this thing is, I have stood on this and hoped up and down on it. I am 200lbs and this thing doesn’t budge!! There is one word to describe this thing, BOMB PROOF!!! I have let this thing sit outside since the first day I have got it, and it looks the same as it did on day one. (Under my back porch eve, it has been exposed to rain and snow that has blown in from the side.) They paint it with a very durable high temp paint and even include a rattle can of the stuff with your order. Which is a nice gesture and would help cover up any rust that may form or any scuff that come about from using it.

Camp stove photos
Camp stove photos




I know I mentioned that I stood on top of this thing, but let me say one thing about support while cooking. I have cooked on other stoves while using a 12” cast iron pan. Those things are heavy, and I have been very nervous about the stability while cooking on other stoves. Not with the Helius! It is just as I am cooking on my stove inside my house in terms of stability.


The name “Helius” is also laser cut into the top of the cylinder. When I saw this I thought it was just for show. Come to find out this helps oxygen get into the cylinder near the top to burn off any un-burnt fuel. It looks cool and functional!


I really appreciate the legs on this thing and how it gets the stove off of the ground. This eliminates cooking on the ground which is not fun and having your rocket stove on a table which is not very stable. The last thing you want is your dinner taking a dive on you or spilling boiling water all over you and burning yourself.


Remember when I said rocket stoves have an issue with ash and needing to be cleaned out often. So often that long cooks may have to be halted in order to clean it out. Well, at TitanReadyUSA, they thought of everything. The bottom is held in with sturdy steel latch that allows you to dump out the ash and keep on cooking. You never have to stop cooking to empty out the ash. This is very important if you want to high pressure can meats or cook anything for a long time with your Helius.


Helius camp stove rocket stove
Helius camp stove rocket stove


Now I have not used every rocket stove ever made, but I have done my research, and if you look at the price, quality of construction, function and the fact that it is made in the USA. The Helius is the best rocket stove that I have ever seen or used.


Who do I think could benefit from using this stove:
Well, obviously if you are a prepper and want to be able to cook food no matter what. If there is no electricity, you can cook on the Helius. I also think that campers and hunters would enjoy this stove. This would be a great base camp stove for an elk camp. Or if you are a car camper and don’t want to worry about propane stoves.  All in all the Helius is bomb proof and a great option for those wanting a serious rocket stove!!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability