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The hanger was invented by the folks at Caribou Gear to help you quickly and easily hang food bags up and out of reach of bears. The Hanger dispenses a high strength rock climbing cord up to 65 feet in one throw allowing you to quickly and easily hang your meat. No more tying a stick to a string and trying to throw it over a limb, the hanger is much faster and much easier. The hanger weighs just 4 oz, and comes with solid brass rings so you can easily hang it from your pack. Great for any camper, hunter, or outdoor enthusiast.


When you are “out on the mountain” as much as I am it is extremely important to be able to protect and hang your camp food from small rodents, varmints and of course the big ones……bears! Sometimes, it is also nice to be able to throw up a quick Shelter! After month’s of waiting,”The Hanger” has been the most anticipated item that Caribou Gear has added to their line of products. This simple, yet highly affective throw bag system is without a doubt a piece of equipment that a solo hunter or group camp must have in their backpack or saddle bag. This one of a kind item makes camp life a lot easier for shelter, hanging food items from reach of bears, and as an extra helping hand when field dressing. Trust an old hunting guide, if you ever tried hanging a rope from a tree let alone two tree’s it can and always is time consuming and a frustrating chore.
Although “The Hanger” is a seemingly simple string throw bag it is not quite so simple as you think. This throw bag system is a well balanced combination of weight, solid brass rings, and durable fabric. I’ve found that it enables a hunter, backpacker or other outdoor enthusiast to easily in their first attempt to throw and dispense 65 feet of cord under it’s own weight, hang a rope for shelter, or to suspending gear or food out of reach of bear. The list of ideas of use for this very convenient item is endless, from a clothesline, or use it to hold the harvested animals leg for field dressing. You might even consider stringing up a dog run high line. All bags come with a light reflective attachment for ease in locating in the dark. This too is one of the those items that you should never leave home to go out on the mountain without. Believe me, you will appreciate “The Hanger” after just one using it one time. I have!
The total weight of “The Hanger” is just 6 oz and comes with 65 feet of
Cord in 3mm MBS (minimum breaking strength) with 1.8kN or 405 lbf (pounds per foot).
The Hanger’s dimensions: 5.5″ x 3″
Many of us have to spike out in Bear Country while pursuing our big game trophies!
It’s always critical that we don’t tempt nature when we are living out there in a bear’s personal bedroom and we can become a link in their food chain. Tempting a bear in or near camp is about as foolish as playing Russian Roulet! It’s important to use “The Hanger,” in getting our food and other odor generating items such as soap, tooth past, dental floss, cook stove, out of reach. Taking the chance of having a bear destroy your camp or even surviving an attack isn’t worth it! Use The Hanger and get your items up and out of reach.
For additional height add a rock, dirt or sand along the side of the bag, pull closed with the attached cord lock, loop the end of the cord with the attached brass O-ring around your wrist (so you don’t launch the Hanger into the trees) reach back aim and throw (like a baseball) the bag up and into the targeted position into the tree once you reach your target, remove the cord from around your wrist and attach a heavy rope, then pull the cord and rope (like a thread and needle through the tree) repeat through the next tree if required. To reload: first observe how the cord is inched and over lapped in the hanger, to reload the hanger simply hold the bag in one hand and (Stuff) inch the cord back into the bag, a required procedure for proper dispense. On Caribou’s Gear’s website they also have more tips and tricks for you on how to use “The Hanger.”

What They Could Do Better

• I just can’t find anything wrong with the Carnivore II, Solo Hunter gun cover or “The Hanger.” Caribou Gear simply has some incredible gear that every hunter should be utilizing. I highly recommend that you check out their website.

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