Tera-Light Fire Starter Fire Piston Review


Basic Information:

Many times I have been out in the mountains of Utah and been faced with difficulties when it comes to starting a fire. This is due to the high winds that occur unexpectedly or the rain and snow that can hit throughout the year making conditions extremely wet. I have been searching for an alternative solution to use as either a primary or secondary ignition source. While searching, I came across the Tera-Light and the FireLight made by Wilderness Solutions located on the Internet at

Wilderness Solutions is the world’s leading manufacturer of the Fire Piston. The fire piston is an incredible outdoor/survival device that allows one to get a fire going in any situation. With just a single push of the piston this device instantly produces an ember allowing you to transfer it to some tinder to get the fire started. Not even one match is involved! All that’s needed is the Fire Piston, some tinder and a nice solid hit of the plunger and there’s fire.

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The Facts:

The TERA-Light Fire Piston is 100% Made in the USA. It is the worlds only patented fire starter that works by the compression of air. “TERA” stands for Thermal Energy Released from Atmosphere and similar to a Diesel engine, the heat generated by compressed air molecules is used to ignite organic tinder, creating an ember from which a fire can be started. The TERA-Light features a compact design and pressure relief valve. The Tri-Light version includes a hollow, tinder storage cap, solar burning lens and fero rod, providing three non-match fire-starting alternatives in a single device.

The Fire-Light model is machined from acrylic and available in three colors. Its transparent body allows the user to observe the burst of light that is generated at the moment of ignition.

TERA-Light Specifications:
CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum
Length – 4.25”
Diameter – 1.0”
Weight – 4.40 oz. / 124 Grams
Twist Body Pressure Relief Valve
Survival Pod to store tinder or other vital items

What’s Included:
Step by step instruction sheet
Spare O-Rings stored inside the cap
Ferro Rod hidden inside the cap and plunger (Optional)
Solar lens that stores easily inside the Survival Rod.
A LIFETIME WARRANTY, which includes repair or replacement for any reason.

Tera-Light fire piston

The Story:
When I first came across Wilderness Solutions and spoke with Jeff concerning his product I was a little bit skeptical. The question that was constantly in my head was, How can a fire be started with a little tinder and some pressurized air? Well I am living proof that it can be done and anyone can do it. Upon receiving the Tera-Light I immediately was impressed with the fine quality of the product. It was made of solid aluminum that can withstand the harshest most rugged conditions that the backcountry can throw at it.
Upon first trying to use this device I seemed to struggle and the reason for that wasn’t due to any manufacturing problems but to me not understanding the basic principles and trying to over think it. This is a simple device and requires simple thinking. After reading the instruction sheet and talking with Jeff on the phone I feel like I have become an expert fire starter and am able to get a ember going to transfer to my tinder every time. Just to push the limits of the Tera-Light I decided to soak it in water for several minutes. I pulled it out of the water, blew off the excess water and after putting my tinder in I gave the piston a hard thump. Upon removing the piston I had a perfect ember ready to go.

Emergency Fire Starter Tera-Light

The Tera-Light is an incredible option to use as a fire starter in all conditions. Your family and you can rely on it anytime to get a fire going for warmth and cooking. Wilderness

Solutions provides the top-notch quality that can’t be matched. They truly nailed it when they created the Fire Piston
Tera-Light Fire starter piston

What Could they have done Better:
Wilderness Solutions made the perfect Fire Piston. They truly combined an ancient technology with quality and craftsmanship making this one of my top choices for starting fires. Great job Wilderness Solutions.

Tera-Light Fire Starter Fire Piston Review
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