TargetExpress Version 4.2 – Target Printing Software

Editor: Reed

Basic Description of item:

Simply the best and most economical way to shoot paper that I know of.

Just the Facts:
• Manufacturer – MCW Technologies, Inc.
• Purchase – Download through website

• Most targets are available to print on standard 8.5”x11” paper and keep scale, i.e., 1” grid is still 1” grid on print
• Price – $14.95

While printing a dozen of my favorite targets to go to the range, I had the thought that I had never shared this product with my good buddy Mike Radford. After thinking some more, I decided that I would do one better and share my favorite target printing software with and count it as my kindness of the day. I know, it is fun to read and write about the latest gadget that we can’t live without, but what about those daily, not so exciting, items that helps us shoot better, sight in our guns, or just enjoy some time at the range.

We have all spent significant money buying expensive targets… you know the kind that you can actually see a bullet hole in, but cost a small fortune. In my experience, I’ve come to prefer the targets that I can print at my own computer and can still see the bullet holes at a fair distance. I commonly shoot 300 yards and can usually spot my holes with my rifle scope, that is if I’m using the well designed orange colored targets. The black targets that many of us use, are in my opinion, the hardest color to see a black hole in. I’ve even printed 3’x4’ targets for shooting at large range.

Target Express has targets in all paper sizes and many in standard 8.5”x11” printer size. Targets include:
•IPSC targets
•IPDA targets
•NRA targets
•ISSF targets
•IBS targets
•Military and LE targets
•IHMSA animal silhouettes
•Realistic animal targets
•100 and 200 yard MOA sighting targets
•50 yard small bore targets
•Standard 25 yard pistol targets
•TargetWizard for creating your own targets
•Target tiling option for tiling small targets
•and much more…

In summary

TargetExpress is an easy and intuitive way to print quality targets, or even create your own targets. This may not be the most exciting product that you look at today, but it may be one of the most truly useful and cost savings products that helps simplify your life.

What they could do better:
If they can just find a way for me to print out ammo!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability