Spyderco Knife Sharpener Review, Triangle

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:

Knife Sharpening kit from Spyderco.
Makes Knife sharpening easy and fast.

Just the Facts:

The Tri-Angle Sharpmaker (204MF) includes two sets of high alumina ceramic stones: A pair of medium-grit (brown) 7″ x .5″ (178mm x 13mm) stones for aggressive sharpening and a set of fine (white) 7″ x .5″ (178mm x 13mm) stones for professional grade finishing. The stones are triangular for sharpening Plainedges on the flat sides and SpyderEdges (serrations) on the corners. A furrow running the length of each stone lets you sharpen pointed items like fishhooks, darts and awls. Included is a set of brass safety rods protecting the users hands while sharpening. All components snap into the self-contained ABS plastic base and lid — ready to travel with you. Die-cut into the base are keyed slots and holes fitted for the stones. They accurately set the stone’s sharpening angle at a 30° (15° each side) or 40° (20° each side) for knives and a 12.5°scissor setting. Turn the base over, a channel lets you lay two stones side-by-side (flat-side up) for use as a benchstone. The lid snaps halfway over the base creating a handhold for stability while you’re sharpening. Included is a set of brass safety rods to protect the users hands while sharpening. Ceramic stones: like glass, will break if dropped — handle carefully.
Use them dry, without oil, water or lubricants. To clean: scrub stones with a plastic scouring pad and powered abrasive cleaner, let air-dry. Also autoclave safe. System comes with instruction book and DVD.


I have been on a quest to find a knife sharpening kit that does 2 things for me:
-Sharpens hunting, kitchen and fillet knifes FAST
-Is easy to use, and does not require lots of set up time and expertise.

I have tried many systems: Lansky, Just a regular Stone, the gimmicky items that use a triangle gouge technic, etc.
I was excited to use the Spyderco for all of the reasons I have mentioned above.
From my reading it seemed to work. It also seemed to fit my criteria of being easy to set up, fast, and would work for just a novice like me.

I bought my Spyderco on Amazon for $75. I have noticed it available on several sites from $69 all the way to $95. If you keep your eyes open you can find a good deal on one….Ok back to the review.

I opened the package, and put the DVD in the computer. I was pleased to find an informative DVD that had good instructions for set up and for using the Spyderco Knife Sharpener.

After watching the DVD, I set up the sharpener as outlined. I went through the process as outlined. I first used the edge of the course stone, then the flat part of the stone.
I then repeated that process with the fine stone. Whalla!

I found my Knives of Alaska, and my Browning knife to be RAZOR sharp. From set up to Razors edge took me 5 minutes. That is very fast compared to the Lansky kit.

I then put the stones and kit back together in the little case. I did notice that it was not easy to put away, and I had to put an elastic around the box to keep it from popping open. Not a huge deal.
Keep in mind that if you drop one of these stones they will break. So take care to get in the case correctly and put an elastic around the case.

I would consider this a buy. I am confident you will get your knives very sharp in short order.

What they could do better:
Make the stones fit in the case a little easier.
Make the case close and stay closed. Mine pops open easily.

Spyderco Knife Sharpening Kit Review
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