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Basic Description:
SkullMAX European Mount Systems have been innovatively designed to display the skulls of big game animals in an entirely different dimension than other traditional systems on the market. SkullMAX allows you to rotate your skull a complete 360 degrees so that you can display your trophy at the perfect angle to display it, no matter where you choose to mount it. The old traditional European mounts that lie flat against the wall are now antiquated with SkullMAX’S new rotating design.
The design of the SkullMax Mounts have been taken European Mounts to a different level. Offering a full line of mount systems for any size SkullMax is “American made” from the highest grade materials. Featuring an innovative, sturdy metal bracket system that is configured to position your mount in any direction, the ingenuity of SkullMax is amazing, enabling you to hang your mounts on the wall, set them on a desk, or even configure them upside down or right side up if you choose to highlight your trophy.
skull max



Invented by a family of traditional hunters Eric and Brian Allred had a vision for showcasing European mounts in a unique way that had not been done before. Based in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah, SkullMax is incredibly versatile for the display of your trophy skull as each mount is inspected for quality and has been made to last for years. The ingenuity of using a ball bearing and clamp to swivel your skull in any direction secured to a desk or wall is exciting. SkullMax is simple and easy to mount your European skulls.


• SkullMax Mount: This product was developed for the smaller of the big game animals: Deer, Sheep, Hog, Black Bear and Antelope. We have yet to find an animal in this size category that doesn’t work on this system. The bar extends 6” off the wall for maximum versatility. Hang as is add, use your own plaque or order a back plate to accent your mount. We carry two options, either the mountain or track. This product was not designed for the use on Elk, Moose, Large Caribou, Buffalo or Brown Bears.

• Skull Max Mega Mount: This stylish mount was developed for the larger of the big game animals: Elk, Moose, and Large Caribou. The triangle extends 19” off the wall for maximum versatility. You can display your bull completely parallel to the wall or anything in-between. This product was not designed for the use on Deer, Sheep, Hog, Black Bear Buffalo and Antelope. A side note: They have hung bulls up to 407 on this mount.

• SKULLMAX DESKTOP MOUNT – Display your trophy on any desktop or flat surface with a SkullMAX Desktop Mount with Base. Is customizable, enabling you to highlight your trophy like you’ve never displayed one before. SkullMAX Desktop Mount with Base allows you to display your skull on a desktop or counter-type surface in any direction you choose. Get a true 360 degree view of your mount.
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• CUSTOMIZABLE DESKTOP MOUNT – For a truly unique look, you can choose to add a custom base to SkullMAX Customizable Desktop Mount. Display your trophy on a desktop or counter top and get a true 360 degree view.
skull max 2

• SKULLMAX ORIGINAL MOUNT – The Original Mount is perfect for displaying medium size skulls. Add a SkullMAX Back Plate for the Original Mount to get the look you want.
skull max 3


skull max 4


skull max 5

• Mountains Back Plate For SkullMAX Original Mount. – With the mountain peaks and tree graphic, this mount is designed for an Moose or Deer Skull. Rotate your trophy a full 360 degrees for the best angle to easily display it in any space you have available.

skull max 6

• Antlers Backplate – The antler silhouette on the back plate and antler cutout on the mounting arm give this Mega Mount a great look for any wall. Display your trophy from the side to admire a full view of the entire rack.
skull max 7

• Mountain Peaks and Antlers Backplate – With the mountain peaks and tree graphic, this mount is designed for an Moose or Deer Skull. Rotate your trophy a full 360 degrees for the best angle to easily display it in any space you have available.

skull max 8

• Mountains, Hoofs, Antler Backplate – Easily view three sides of your trophy, hang it above the fireplace or on a feature wall. Perfect for any medium to large size skull.
skull max 9

• SKULLMAX BUFFALO MOUNT – Specifically designed to display Buffalos skulls, fully adjustable at any angle.

skull max 10

My Story:

I’m out on the mountain a lot and over the years have taken some incredible trophies. I’ve chosen to honor those magnificent animals by having my taxidermist do some incredible shoulder and full body mounts that haven taken up a lot of my limited space. Over time, I have filled up almost all the room in my trophy room. I’ve always thought that European Mounts looked really cool as well as being relatively inexpensive and have been looking for innovative ways to display these types of mounts in my home besides just screwing them onto a wooden plaque.

I just didn’t want any European Mount so when my close hunting buddy, Ryan Olsen of Whitebone Creations in CA, who specializes in working on “Whitebone” skulls, told me about SkullMax European Mounts, he piqued my interest. After showing me some pictures of how he had used this system, I was convinced that I wanted to try the Allred Families extremely innovative, unique design out on European mounts.

I have also been very fortunate to have found some “dead head” animals during my time out in the field that I have been allowed to keep by the UDNR. It was obvious to me that the skulls of those animals also deserved a place of “honor” on my wall.

This is where my story of the SkullMax Mounting System comes in. Earlier this summer I found a huge dead bull elk that was perhaps two years old. After I took a DWR Game Warden in to where the skeleton was located and he investigated the site for any foul play he provided me with the appropriate paperwork to keep it.

After following Ryan Olsen’s expert instructions on how to clean the skull properly I was ready to put in up on my wall for display using SkullMax’s Original Mount and Mega Mount backplate. Installing and securing the backplate to the wall in my trophy room only took a few minutes before sliding the original mount, onto the backplate. Please note that the original mounts clamped into the brain cavity of the bull’s skull. What I really appreciated about this system is that I was able to rotate my European Mount 360 degrees. It swivels on a ball bearing between the clamps. Outstanding. Please see the attached photo of my big bull.

skull max 11.png

I appreciate the fact that the SKULLMAX visionary team has designed a variety of backplates for you to choose from for your mount as well as different sizes depending on the animal. For my bull elk skull I went with the Mega Mount that is very secure. I plan on also ordering the Buffalo Mount for a buff skull that I have. Their desktop mounts are also extremely innovative.

SKULLMAX Buffalo Mount

skull max 12

skull max 13

skull max 14

For your convenience my talented hunting buddy, Ryan Olsen, of Whitebone Creations has videoed and addressed the assembly processs of the SKULLMAX MOUNTING SYSTEM and published it to his hunting channel on YouTube. As always, Ryan has done an incredible job. His hunting education videos are some of the very best. I highly encourage you to sign up for his YouTube channel. Here is the link for the SKULLMAX video.

Please see the attached pricelist for SKULLMAX Mounts. It should be noted that you can design and you your own base if desired.

• Desktop Mount $59.99
• Desktop Mount with Base $139.99
• Original Mount $69.99
• Backplate for Original $9.99
• Hoof Backplate Design $9.99
• Mega Mount Designs
#1 $109.99
#2 $109.99
#3 $109.99
• Buffalo Mount $109.99


SKULLMAX EUROPEAN MOUNTS are a great alternative for those who don’t have a lot of space in their home or trophy room and want a very nice looking design for their skulls. I have no recommendations at this time as I love the product. SKULLMAX CAN BE CONTACTS AT:

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

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