SealSkinz Hunting Gloves- Olive

Editor: Cory McLaughlin

Just the Facts:

These rugged gloves feature supple leather palms and a full leather trigger finger for dexterity and control.
• Totally waterproof, breathable and windproof
• Supple sheepskin palm & trigger finger for control
• Mid length adjustable stretch cuffs with Velcro closure for added warmth and comfort

Outer Lining: 88% Nylon, 12% Elastane
Membrane: Micro-pourous Membrane
Inner Lining: Coolmax


Aqua Dynamic Design
Sealskinz ADD performance
To deliver outdoor defiance we obsessively create products that protect in any terrain and in any weather, we seek to give confidence and endurance through comfort and protection at the point of optimal need. What guides us is AQUA DYNAMIC DESIGN which is the certainty of the human form pitched against the uncertainty of nature, to delivery “dry” technology and next to skin comfort.
A.D.D. optimises performance all year round. A.D.D. addresses the dynamics of weather and cold, by controlling; temperatures, wind and waterproofing, AQUA
DYNAMIC DESIGN drives innovation in the pursuit of unsurpassed durability and comfort.
Socks, Gloves & Hats define who we are. This is not an afterthought, this is our obsession. Everything we do is driven by producing the best performing endurance accessories on the market today. From the materials we choose, the cut of the product, through user testing, to our innovative liner techniques, we obsess over the small details.
Aqua Dynamic Design encompasses not only Sealskinz 3 layer patented StretchDry product but also the cut and sew ranges and ensures that every sock, glove and hat we make is engineered for performance, enabling you to stay out longer whatever the activity, whatever the weather.


Hydrophilic membranes are nothing new, they block water getting through but allow smaller sweat droplets to pass through, meaning it is the perfect waterproof, breathable membrane. However one thing waterproof membranes don’t do is stretch.
Our patented StretchDry technology enables us to produce a product which has a hydrophilic membrane but has stretch and as such we can produce products which are not only waterproof and breathable but also fit closely to your body, giving next to skin dry comfort.
Products currently designed with the A.D.D. StretchDry Technology include our entire sock range and our Ultra Grip Gloves.

The perfect barrier between you and the most challenging wet weather.
Our products are developed in such a way as to give 100% waterproof protection whilst being incredibly breathable and dexterous. Add in varying layers of insulation means we can offer waterproof products for all climates.

Developed to be the perfect barrier between you and the wind. Lightweight and breathable giving protection from the elements and excellent dexterity and control.

My Story:

Cold hands can ruin just about any day in the field. They can make even the simplest of tasks seem nearly impossible. As the hands get cold they lose their mobility and fine motor skills. Thinks like tying knots or finding zippers can be a real chore. So, most of us that spend time outdoors have gloves to combat the elements and keep out hands warm. Gloves come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. It seems like I am always searching for the next best glove.
When I saw the SealSkinz gloves I was instantly impressed. They are a very fine looking glove and I was very excited to test them out. When I pulled the gloves from the box and put them on my hands my excitement was validated as they felt as great as they looked. They were ready to get out in the field of that I was sure.
The first testing ground that I was able to use these gloves in was Montana. Big Sky Country offers some fantastic hunting opportunity and it was a great place to test some gear. The brisk mornings and cold waters were very good at convincing me to put on some gloves.

sealskinz gloves

The SealSkinz Hunting Glove is not overly insulated so it is not exactly the perfect choice for extreme cold. SealSkinz does have other options available that would be better suited for this type of hunting but I had to do with what I had. I found the Hunting Glove to be just warm enough in the 20 degree temperatures as long as I kept my hands moving or temporarily in a pocket. The thinner glove allows for better dexterity for necessary tasks like loading shells or blowing calls. I was very impressed with the way this glove felt.
The SealSkinz Hunting Glove has a great sheep skin palm that not only protects but offers very acceptable grip when handling a firearm. I found that the grip or traction was slightly amplified when the leather became slightly damp. Now, I am sure that last part has you worried but fear not my friends. While the leather may become slightly damp your hand will remain dry and warm thanks to the SealSkinz Waterproof membrane. This membrane is second to none and has proven itself very field worthy in my 3 month testing period. I can say with an honest heart that I never once had a failure resulting in a leaky glove. For a waterfowl hunter this is about as good as it gets.

I found the fleece fabric that covers the outside of the thumb to be very comfortable while scratching the facial itch’s that always seem to come as soon as you put gloves on your hands. It was a nice change from the cold leather or rubber.
I really had a great time testing and hunting with the SealSkinz Hunting Gloves and would recommend them to just about anybody. They do have limitations in regards to their temperature rating but that is a personal comfort issue that I really can’t answer for anyone but myself. Luckily, as I mentioned before, SealSkinz does have many other options for quality gloves that may provide a bit more insulation.

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What can be done better?
Honestly I cannot find anything that I would like to see done any better with these great gloves. The addition of a smart phone capable touch pad might be nice for use when taking photos but it’s not a necessary change.

I give these gloves a solid 5 stars!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability