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Basic Description:

A very light, slimmed-down design and waterproof, air-permeable eVENT®
laminate base dry sack that is a less bulky alternative to traditional dry sacks!
This is a perfect dry sack for clothing or a sleeping bag

The Facts:

This valve-free dry sack uses a breathable base made of waterproof laminate
fabric, which allows air to be pushed out yet prevents water from entering. The
waterproof, breathable eVent laminate fabric base has reinforced stitching on all
stress points for durability. Featuring a Polyurethane-coated nylon body that has
double-stitching with sealed seams and reinforced stitching at stress points, the
waterproof, nonwicking Hypalon® roll-top closure locks in place with a buckle—
no compression straps needed! The oval shape resists rolling when laid on its
side. The Sea to Summit Dry Sack is much lighter in weight and more “packable”
than traditional boating dry bags and less expensive. This dry sack has been
designed for backpacking and adventure travel. Made from lightweight 70 denier
nylon and coated with a bright white PU coating for better visibility the Sea to
Summit assorted in great colors, blue, black, green and yellow.


I believe that every hunter or backpacker has found themselves in situations
where they have been caught in some really wet weather and have gotten their
gear wet. I know that I’ve been on more sheep hunts than I can count where
it has rained and snowed “cats and dogs” and even the clothing I had inside
my backpack got wet. Of course I’ve enclosed gear in plastic garbage sacks
and used a rain cover on my pack but have still ran into problems. Looking
for a different alternative I came across the Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry
Sacks. I believe that I have discovered “just what the doctor” ordered to meet
my demands of keeping gear protected and dry. These bags are well designed
and feature quality, durable material. I haven’t found any flaws in the stitching or
material as of yet. You can use the smaller liter bags to protect valuable items
like your cell phone, radio, GPS, etc, and the larger dry sacks to enclose your

sleeping bag and other clothing that must stay dry and secure. To use these
bags I just stuff my clothing or sleeping bag into them and then push out as much
air as possible before rolling or folding the top closure 3 turns before snapping
the bag shut with the quick release buckles. Although the bag was designed
for water type activities such as kayaking, etc, it works extremely well when
backpacking or hunting in wet, inclement weather.

I’m very satisfied with the Sea to Air Lightweight Dry Sacks. They have worked
well for me and are very functional for multiple purposes. I’ve used mine as a
pillow with my jacket stuffed inside or to store other gear such as my stove or

What They Could Do Better

I would like to see them sew a small strap on the bottom of the sack
that you could hold onto while pulling your gear out. This would be

Sea To Summit Dry Sack Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability