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Basic Description:
Sea to Summit’s Delta Insul-Mug is another outstanding item of gear for backpackers, hunters and individuals spending much of their time in the outdoors who need quality, ultralight gear. Designed as a lightweight drinking cup to hold either hot or cold liquids the Insul-Mug has a capacity of two cups of food or liquid. This mug features a groundbreaking advancement in thermal insulation as Sea to Summit has incorporated an integrated molded Polyurethane sleeve that insulates the liquid inside the mug, unlike double-walled mugs which only protect your hands but don’t keep your beverages hot or cold. Featuring a lid with a sipping opening on one end with and a small vent at the other any excess liquid flows back into the sipping hole because of the concave design of the lid. The vent end of the lid has also been designed with a small hole for a lanyard so that you can keep track of your lid! The Insul-Mug is made of Nylon 66, a BPA-free food grade plastic that withstands heat and cold. It should be noted that the mug is not microwave-safe. A thin neoprene cozy wraps the mug. The mug is available in Pacific blue, orange, or gray colors.

Jus the Facts:
Sea to Summit’s Insul-Mug features a molded EVA sleeve that will help insulate liquid inside the mug and allows you to hold the mug without fear of burning your fingers. A concave lid designed to prevent leaking while sipping hot or cold liquids. Made of Nylon 66, BPA grade plastic this mug performs well under both hot and cold conditions and is dishwasher safe. It cannot be used in a microwave oven. A patent-pending Protex™ hex patterned base helps prevent the mug from slipping on slick surfaces and reduces wear and tear on the bottom of the mug. Perfect for backpacking the Insul-Mug is made of stain resistant materials that will withstand high heat and cold so it will not crack. Please see the additional specifications and details listed below:

randy mug

Insul-Mug EVA Neoprene Sleeve – Handleless

Insul-Mug Specifications/Details
• One Size
• Weight 4.4 oz/125g
• Volume 16 oz / 473 ml
• Color Orange, Blue, or Gray
• Ultra-durable food grade Nylon 66 is dishwasher safe
• Hard wearing, stain resistant
• Will withstand high heat and cold, won’t crack
• Patent-pending Protex™ hex pattern base
• BPA free. Please note that Delta products should not be used in a microwave

Sea to Summit Insul-Mug
Sea to Summit Insul-Mug

My Story:
Having the ability to pack light is extremely important to me as a wild sheep guide who spends countless days out on the mountain. To save weight I’ve carried a Titanium mug for years but found that the top of the cup would get bent and then it was prone to leaking liq uid around the lid as it would not sea properly. It also did a poor job of insulating hot and cold liquids. With hot liquids there were times when it was tough to hold in your bare hands or with your fingers. When Sea to Summit came out with their Delta Insul-Mug it immediately caught my attention. I used this mug for several months and found that it beats my old Titanium mug hands down for effectiveness. Not only is it lightweight but this innovative mug does insulate hot and cold liquids and is easy to handle with the EVA protective cozy. I also like the fact that it hold up to 2 cups and is marked on the inside of the mug for measuring. I was pleasantly surprised that the Nylon 66 plastic material didn’t stain and was simple to clean out in the field as all I had to do was “slosh” a little water in it or wipe the mug out with a handkerchief. Although the dimpled, hex pattern base is better than my Titanium mug on slick surfaces it still is not “slip resistant.” To ensure that the lid is leak resistant I have to make sure that I push down on it firmly to get it to seal. I’m sure with additional wear and tear that it may not seal as effectively in the future. It is very easy to sip out of and I don’t spill liquid like I do with my Titanium mug because of the concave shape of the lid. I have attached a very small nylon string to the lid through the hole provided. This mug is tough, durable, and I don’t have to worry about it getting broken inside my backpack or if I drop it on a hard surface.

Sea to summit
Sea to summit

Insul-Mug – Lanyard Attached to Lid

At a price of around $16 I recommend the purchase of Sea to Summit’s Insul-Mug if you spend a lot of time backpacking and are looking to improve your gear list. Available in colors of orange, blue or gray you have a nice choice if you are a color conscious person. By shopping on the internet for sales I’m sure you can buy the Insul-Mug even cheaper

What They Could Do Better
The Insul-Mug is designed handless but I would still like to see a very small handle incorporated onto the mug in the future. With a handle it is much easier to scoop water out of potholes for filtering or chemical treatment and I still prefer handles on my cups! Other than this very small issue Sea to Summit has designed a great, very innovative mug.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability