Remington Scent Control Technology Review

Editor: D. Brookbank

Just the Facts:
Remington Scent Control Technology Clothing information from Remington:

Remington Scent Control spray combines a unique, “double barreled” approach to odor control for hunting. First, existing malodors are neutralized through six different chemical processes to render them into odorless salts. This action is rapid and complete. Second, human body odor is controlled before it exists. This mechanism is superior to other methods that attempts to absorb human body odor AFTER it has already formed.

-Bonds to all types of fabrics, rubber and other surfaces to provide Long Lasting Odor Protection.
-Engineered biological enzymes absorb and control human scents and other odors on contact.
-Proprietary nanocoating controls odor causing compounds.
-Protects materials from souring during storage and will not stain fabrics.
-Protected all day with one application.
-Maintains efficacy for up to three years.*

remington scent control

My Story:
There are few products on the market today which grab my attention. It seems that we are inundated with new gadgets which promise the next best thing. The hunting industry has no shortage of new ideas promised to bring a wall hanger to your stand. Everyone needs an edge right? At least that is what seems to be drilled into our heads as hunting consumers. I don’t disagree that we do need an “edge” as more and more people enter the hunting arena each year, which translates into competition for the game you are hunting.

You see, it is just the opposite with hunting. We have to be as stealthy as possible. To be virtually invisible to the species we are hunting so that we do have an “edge”. Not necessarily on our neighbor on the next block of land, but an “edge,” and “advantage” which enables us to hunt with success. The number one rule in my book for hunting in an animals living room is access. We must have a plan to get from point A to point B without being detected. We have to be methodical in our approach to getting in and getting out with the least bit of disturbance as possible. We must apply the principles of the least amount of movement, the least amount noise and most importantly the least amount of scent in order to have the advantage.

The primary reason most good hunters get busted is because of their scent. I can’t tell you the number of times over the years that I have heard the heart sinking “blow” of a deer who, I know has not seen me, but has smelled me. This is definitely where we need an “edge”. Over the past 10 years I have been as guilty as anyone by falling prey to marketing of products which promise to “eliminate” the human odor, only to find that being bathed in expensive sprays produced just as many blown opportunities as the one before. I was a modest believer in these products at best until the fall of 2015… and here is where my story begins.

I had the fortunate benefit of drawing a Kansas archery tag for 2015 and planned a hunt for the third week of November. A dream hunt (one which I plan on re-living as long as I can from here on out) in the heart of a place where Boone and Crockett Bucks live in abundance. It was evident early on that I would have to use everything to my advantage in order to get a shot at a Booner. The main concern which I had for this hunt was not my ability to make the shot under pressure, it was getting everything in my favor to the point of being able to draw back on such a deer. Scent control was the thing that kept running through my mind and haunting me from the past. Would I be able to sit in the stand all day and be totally undetected from the residents of the woods? How could I get an advantage?

After doing some serious research Remington Scent Control Technology was the obvious choice. Remington Scent Control Technology, is the complete scent control, from preparation of clothing by removing and neutralizing odors through washing, to reducing the human odor from your body by means of applying their products designed for direct application to skin, and finally field preparation by spraying hunting garments prior to entering the field.

– Remington Scent Control Technology is definitely something special. The product is designed and distributed by Bryson Industries, Inc., a leader in the field of developing non-toxic chemical applications. Let’s face it, if you are going to spray anything on your clothes it is ultimately going to end up in your system. For that reason alone, non-toxic is critical when taking spray applications into consideration. The product was initially designed to be used in the healthcare industry to eliminate and control odors.

– The Rem Shield system is a complete product line which eliminates/reduces human and other odors through a body-wash/shampoo, spray for the field and a new product called Rinse Free Hair & Body which can applied directly to the skin and eliminates the scents associated with sweat and other body odors. I kept a bottle of the Camp Soap in my pack on my Kansas hunt. After walking the one mile to my stand each morning I would be sweating… somewhere at least. A few squirts of this soap and a liberal application to the sweaty area seemed to remove any hint of body odor. By the way, I am a huge fan of the Camp Soap! I like it so much that I keep a bottle in each of my vehicles and use it to remove the diesel/gas smell from my hands after pumping fuel!

– The Scent Free Formula spray was my primary go-to choice for my Kansas hunt in the field. Our hunting accommodations allowed us to store our clothes in a room which was separated from the remainder of the house. Each morning I would spray my clothes and gear with the formula about an hour before going into the woods. After the hunt I would apply another coat to eliminate any scents which I may have picked up in the truck on the way out of the woods. This process seemed to work exceptionally well. Each day I averaged seeing between 5-6 racked bucks. Most were within shooting distance of my stand.

If you have never hunted in Kansas you have no idea as to how vicious the wind can be. For five days I sat and stood (most of the time) through 10-20mph winds. With these winds scent control was a must. I did not want to take the risk of being busted in a swirling wind. The first morning it was evident that this stuff worked! 23 degrees and a 19 mile per hour wind had no impact on the 6 racked bucks which I observed from the stand. At 10:00 am a doe came crashing through the woods, ran within 20 yards of my tree and stopped looking back. The hair on my neck stood up as I knew what was getting ready to happen. As she looked intently toward the direction she came I slowly raised my Swarovski 10×50’s and peered through the bare trees. Within three minutes I saw him. Head down, 150 yards out coming directly toward me. I tried to settle as much as possible and watched as the giant 10 point, quickly made his way down the hill and crossed the creek to my left. The exact trail that the doe had sprinted in on just 5 minutes before. I came to full draw. He stopped 20 yards from my stand… broadside. He had no clue I was there. He was looking for Ms. November, and I was looking at the biggest buck I had ever seen from the stand. Pin set on the middle of his ribcage just behind the shoulder. As my heart raced I remained in control. Of course I had made this shot no less than 1,000 times preparing for this trip. “Lower to the bottom of the brisket,” I told myself, but my reflexes held spot on the target. Released the arrow and to my shock the shot was just over his back. I watched as he trotted off down the trail toward his quest. I remember audibly saying “you have to be kidding me”! Not heartbroken, I had a great opportunity and missed. A few minutes later after gaining composure the woods came alive with bucks searching out the fresh doe. Not big enough to shoot, so I began filming with my phone.

The Scent Control System works! That morning 6 bucks walked by my stand. None big enough to shoot. The footage I recorded of a nice 7 pointer was amazing, proving just how good the Rem Shield System works. Check out the Video

This deer actually runs into my ladder stand before he even knew I was there! Unbelievable!

Well, I have my trip scheduled for Kansas again this coming November. I am shooting every day, replaying the miss in my mind. Thinking what I will do different this year. I have a score to settle and hope to do so the 3rd week of November. There is no doubt that I will be using the Rem Shield System of products again this year. The Rem Shield System is spot on and performs flawlessly… even when you don’t.

What they could do better:
It is spot on! Way to go Remington this stuff really works.

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  • Durability