Savage Lady hunter 6.5 Creedmoor

Editor: Colorado Jake

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Savage Arms Hunter 11 and 111. Sized for the woman or shorter hunter.

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Rate of Twist:
6 lbs
Overall Length:
Barrel Length:
Ammo Capacity:

This is the first Savage I have ever bought. I’m a Remington M700 guy but thought this would be the ticket for my wife. With lots of positive feed back from Savage owners we made the purchase roughly 1 year ago. I topped it off with a old Leupold Mark 4 and some talley rings.

savage lady

To be honest, I was only expecting 1” plus groups with factory ammo. I put the first 4 hornady factory 120 grn a-max bullets in and after three adjustments had her dialed in. The next 3 shoots made a clover. I was pretty well shocked that this little 20” barrel with factory ammo was so dang accurate. I printed off drop charts and after some minor tweaks with the fps had her hitting a 10” gong at 600 yards.

savage hunter

This last fall we dropped a small bull elk at 402 yards. Many times now, I catch myself grabbing my wife rifle to hunt. It’s right at 7 lbs 4 oz with 4 bullets in the magazine and the short barrel makes it nice crawling through scrub oak and brush. I really like the magazine feature and wish my m700 had this.

After a year, it is still shooting under 1 moa with factory ammo. I have no complaints or wants with this gun. It’s a solid choice for a youth or lady with very little recoil. The length of pull is too short for me but it’s still easy to shoot with a long eye relief scope. The only concern with this caliber is the availability of ammo. It could be hard to find at a small country store if you run out or forget them at home. Otherwise, it’s a flat, tight, and great shooting gun.

Savage Lady Hunter 6.5 Creedmoor rifle review
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