Rob’s custom painted GoPro Hero 3 and 4 housing review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of item:

GoPro 3 or 4 Customer painted camo waterproof camera case.

Just the Facts:

This is a custom painted, woodland camouflage, GoPro Hero 3 housing. Works with GoPro 3, 3+ and 4 cameras. The housings are sprayed with high quality paint. Each housing is sprayed with two coats of matte clear sealant. Each housing is sprayed with the highest quality paint then protected with two coats of matte clear sealant to provide years of use without chipping or fading! Waterproof up to 197’/60M. Painted in the USA! Satisfaction guaranteed!

go pro 3

Rob contacted me about a month ago, to take a look at his custom hand painted camo GoPro housing.
What a great idea! I have been trying to use my gopro mounted to my bow or gun for some time now, and always felt that the standard case just stuck out to much.
I was thrilled when I got the housing and a picatinny rail mount in the mail. It just looks awesome.
Rob take special care to paint the housing with outstanding paint that is durable, waterproof, and just looks great. He has a full satisfaction no questions asked guarantee.
I felt it important to add an email that I received from Rob, this shows who he is and why he came up with this case:

From Rob:
My name is Rob and I am a Veteran of OEF 11/12 and have a business where I custom paint the housings for the very popular GoProseries of Camera’s, specifically the Hero 3/3+/4. I started making these in Afghanistan as I wore a Hero on my ACH Combat Helmet during most of the operations that we went on. When I was overseas, several other soldiers that also had GoPro Hero camera’s saw the quality work that I had done on my GoPro housing and asked me to camouflage theirs as well.
When I got home off of deployment I made a small batch of both Woodland Camo and Desert Camo housings and placed them on Ebay. I was amazed at how quickly they sold out. Currently I make over 15 different camo and other colorful paint schemes for these housings. I now sell exclusively through and I have sold well over 500 of these housings online.

You can go get one here:

You can see from this email that Rob is a great guy, a war hero, and created this product based on a need in the battle for our freedoms.

This is a great product, that helps a vet, and just works.
I highly recommend the case for hunting, and any time you need some camouflage.

Rob's Customer Painted GoPro3 and 4 Housing
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