Redy Nutrients Supplemental Health Products Review

Redy Nutrients Supplement health for hunters
By Randy Johnson
iReview Gear Lead Field Editor
Altitude Outdoors Pro Staff
Worldwide Trophy Adventures Consultant

Basic Description:
If you are an avid hunter, outdoorsman, sports enthusiast or just an average person committed to improving your health and quality of life so you can enjoy your passions then you should seriously consider looking at REDY Nutrients and their basic philosophy behind the manufacturing of their health supplements. REDY’s philosophy succinctly states:
“Our nutrients were developed with your lifestyle in mind. Let REDY @ help you push the boundaries of the possible. We formulated our products to elevate your passions to extreme heights. We want to help you reach your next level. Whether that’s hitting the trail for your first day-hike, first day at the gym, or increasing focus and productivity at the office.”


Just the Facts:
When you make that important choice to purchase new hunting gear or a high quality health supplement it is extremely important to research the basic facts and ingredients behind the product. The innovative team at Redy Nutrients, Inc. came together to address what they saw as a growing need in the rapidly expanding supplementation market. Previously, only muscle builders and elite athletes took sports supplements to improve their performance. At Redy they are aggressively working on changing this mindset through the formulation of a high quality line of supplements that can be just as beneficial for average individuals as to world class athletes or mountain hunters such as myself.
At REDY it is their belief that anyone can benefit from the proper use of high quality nutritional supplements. It should be noted that the products REDY manufactures do not include fillers, fluff or junk. They embrace their philosophy of, “Elevating Yourself to Elevate Your Passion.” Elevating our individual passions truly should be an extension of who each one of us are. Your passion may be as challenging as rock climbing, mountain biking, snowmobiling, hiking, hunting, high endurance trail running, or as important as being the best mother or father you can be to your children at home. This equates to elevating your passion by utilizing the best health supplements on the market to provide you with the energy and strength to get the job done!

REDY’s lofty goal is to not only provide exceptional health supplements for individuals to take their passions to another level but to also provide them with the education behind the importance of using health supplements to improve our daily performance and lifestyle. Currently, REDY is developing a web site that will help create a community and resource that people can go to find out how to live their passion and why it is so critical to a healthy life. This website will be a resource that you can visit to find stories, instructions, recipes, support, encouragement and reliable providers of the gear you need to elevate your passions in life to new levels that you may never have thought possible.

For those of you who may not have a passion that you enjoy then REDY believes that you should make yourself and your individual health your passion! Americans are extremely competitive and winning has always been an important goal, but the encompassing experience to get there is actually the ultimate prize in your journey and this is where REDY’s Health Supplements can benefit you.

It should be noted that REDY was founded by a group of friends, each one equally passionate about living life to it fullest as well as being committed to teaching others how to do the same. REDY’s Executive Team has a broad spectrum of education and experience in areas such as business, marketing, sales, management, finance, psychology, best practices, business law, investment counseling, real estate and many others. REDY’s staff has a core of knowledge gleaned from over 50 years of business experience in owning, forming, operating and selling businesses.

It’s important to understand where the products REDY NUTRIENTS produces are manufactured. Every product provided by REDY NUTRIENTS are manufactured in America at a state of the art facility on the East Coast. This facility is fully FDA inspected and GMP Certified. Each and every unique formula used in REDY’s products has been researched, studied, tested, and then tested some more to ensure that their customers are getting the very best manufactured products to “fuel their passions.” The professional advisory staff of REDY’s manufacturer has experience in quality control, safe formulation, federal regulations, packaging and consumer safety, to name a few.

Each ingredient that REDY has chosen to use in their products is backed by empirical scientific data that assures optimum performance of their supplements. REDY bases their formulations in powdered form to eliminate the degrading and loss of potency that occurs with the process of oxidation in liquids. These formulas have been developed for simplicity and effectiveness. If it is junk, fluff, or filler, REDY doesn’t use it in their products as they take great pride on the superior flavors and the ability of their powdered products to mix effectively. They are dedicated to producing products that will help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Redy Supplement
Redy Supplement

REDY has developed some outstanding, very pleasing flavors for their products that taste great. The “Tiger’s Blood” “Mountain Berry” and “Blackberry Limeade” flavors add a pleasant, crisp, healthy taste to your water or juice as you fuel your performance in life.


Please note that with all supplemental health products manufactured their statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and that they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Before you make that important choice to purchase foods at the grocery store, an Over the Counter medication or a natural health supplement it is important to study and research the ingredients that you will be putting into your body. REDY’s approach to their nutritional supplements are based upon the following important principles:

• Use only the best ingredients
• Ensure that every product is manufactured in the USA
• All ingredients are printed on the bottle
• No fillers, proprietary blends and no guesswork.


• Ingredients specifically designed to provide optimum strength, focus, energy and endurance. In the gym or at home you will have explosive energy through your entire workout with no abrupt crash.
• Ballistic can also be used to give you a boost during endurance activities like backpacking, cycling and trail running.
• You can take a smaller amount to replace your coffee in the morning or at work to give you a boost without the crash.
• Ballistic will help you push through those days we all have, when you just don’t feel like heading out the door.
• Ballistic is formulated using scientifically identified metabolites in cutting edge blends to optimize energy output. This will help you experience greater strength and elevated energy levels with reduced fatigue during exercise and provide laser focus to finish strong every time.
• Sustained energy and focus without the crash
• Fast-Acting with Low Caffeine Content
• Long-Lasting endurance and strength
• Maximum Performance in the gym, out on the mountain or else where


Redy Supplement
Redy Supplement

Magma: BCAA & Glutamine

• Magma redefines what a BCAA product is. Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins.
• Magma is loaded with 8000mg of hand selected Branch Chain and Silk Amino Acids. Coupled with a monster dose of Glutamine, Magma delivers results unlike any other.
• Formulated to stimulate protein synthesis allowing you to pack on lean hard muscle.
• Magma pushes back the ceiling of fatigue, enabling you to work harder, longer and recover faster.
• Reduce Muscle Soreness
• Increases Energy
• Develop Lean Muscle with Branch Chain Amino Acids

Redy Supplement
Redy Supplement


Seismic: Advanced Creatine

• Seismic is the powerhouse building block to take your muscle growth and athletic performance to new levels.
• Seismic is specifically formulated to increase your endurance, capacity, and strength.
• Loaded with multiple high-quality forms of Creatine and protein synthesizing amino acids
• Seismic is your secret weapon from the gym to the rigors of your daily activities.
• Seismic contains D Creatine Malate which has faster uptake into the muscle than the more common monohydrate, nearly eliminating the need for a loading cycle.
• Advanced formulation
• Increases lean muscle mass and strength
• Incredible endurance
• Maximizes training intensity
• Reduces fatigue

Note: It is recommended that you drink half your body weight in ounces of water while you are taking any creatine product, including Redy Seismic.



Eruption: Testosterone Booster

• Eruption is the next generation of Testosterone Booster.
• Packed with clinically studied ingredients
• Eruption can increase strength, energy, virility, lean muscle and libido.
• Our advanced formula increases the free availability of natural testosterone production in your body.
• Eruption has been loaded with optimal ingredients to work in three specific areas: Increase and optimize testosterone production, limit estrogen production and counteract the stress hormone cortisol.

• For optimum results, use Eruption for 4-6 weeks then discontinue use for 2 weeks before resuming daily dosage.


testosterone supplement
testosterone supplement

Melt: Fat Burner

• Melt is a multi-phase fat burner designed to melt fat from your body
• Increases energy and focus
• Elevates your mood and suppress’ your appetite.
• Coupled with proper diet and a workout regimen that fits your lifestyle, you will see dramatic results.
• Melt is packed with widely studied ingredients with the ability to produce the kind of lean, fat free body you want
• Delivered through a variety of herbs and amino acids Melt increases your body’s ability to turn fat in energy through both thermogenic and metabolic processes.
• For optimum results, use Melt for 4-6 weeks then discontinue use for 2 weeks before resuming daily dosage.
• Maximum energy
• Elevated mood and focus
• Destroys fat
• Suppresses appetite
• Supports healthy metabolism

testosterone supplement
testosterone supplement
testosterone supplement
testosterone supplement




I’m lucky to have various passions in life that require that I maintain a healthy lifestyle and this equates into keeping myself in the best physical condition possible. I am not just a mountain hunter, desert sheep guide and adventurer but I have been blessed with many physical talents and was also a collegiate athlete. When I was a young man it was relatively easy to stay in great physical condition and my body recovered quickly after a big ballgame or a tough day out on the mountain. Now, at 63 years old I’m amazed that I still have the incredible energy and passion required to do what I love but I’m also cognizant of the importance of taking care of my body differently as sore muscles and old injuries seem to let me know they are there much more than they did years ago. To stay on top of my game I have to definitely pay more attention to my diet and how I train. It is also critical that I do my research on utilizing quality Health Supplements that will enable me to continue to perform and fuel my passions in life.

Life is truly an adventure for me and it has always been my goal to take advantage of each sunrise and sunset, living as if tomorrow could be my last. My adrenalin highs may come from guiding hunters to a trophy ram in some of the toughest terrain on earth or the thrill of exploring remote canyons and conquering snow capped peaks. Along the “paths less traveled” that I take out on the mountain it becomes increasingly necessary for me to provide my body with every possible advantage by adding to my personal arsenal the use of quality Health Supplements such as REDY Nutrients. If I am to continue fueling my passion and living on the “caffeine highs” I glean from nature while tracking a trophy animal, crossing a volcanic desert mountain range in 100 degree temperatures or confronting Mother Nature’s wrath in a blinding blizzard then I better maintain and keep my body running like a fine tuned engine!

When Donnie Howell, REDY’s CEO, contacted me to ask if I would be interested in field testing their products I was a little bit skeptical as there are so many supplemental health products out there that it is difficult to separate those that are legitimate and those that aren’t. However, as an athlete and Mountain Hunter I’ve done a pretty decent job over the years of researching and understanding how our muscles and bodies function. In this highly technical age I’m also familiar with many of the natural ingredients that help us perform at higher levels. I appreciated Donnie’s passion, story, enthusiasm and knowledge so I stepped up to the plate and told him I would give REDY’s products a try. What a great decision this has been!

I can honestly say that I have noticed a big difference in not only how my body has performed but in the recovery phase after a difficult workout while using the Ballistic Pre Workout, Magma and Seismic formulas from REDY.

I found that when I take Ballistic before a brutally tough backpack trip with heavy weight or a steep mountain bike climb that it gives me a big boost of explosive energy that I didn’t know I had. I now have the endurance to complete workouts that I struggled to finish before and I don’t have the headaches that I get from not drinking a lot of caffeine laden liquids. The specific ingredients in REDY’s formulas help provide me with the focus, endurance and strength I need to “fuel my passions.” I have noticed that Ballistic does give me a tingling sensation in my face and extremities but when I’m working out I really don’t notice anything but the increased energy that I have.

Adding REDY’s Magma and Seismic to my workouts has benefited my performance substantially. A quick recovery time for me at my age after a high intensity workout is critical and after using both of these products I have been able to get “back into the saddle” as the old saying goes much sooner without experiencing the lingering muscle soreness that I have had in the past. The Amino Acids in Magma combined with a large dose of Glutamine are game changers in stimulating the protein synthesis necessary within the cells of my muscles to enable me to develop leaner muscle as well as to help eliminate fatigue and promote tissue recovery. Throw into this game changing equation the multiple benefits of the high quality Creatine and amino acids in REDY’s Seismic formula and you have added another positive dimension to your endurance and overall capacity for strength and muscle growth.

It’s no secret that the hormone testosterone can play an important role in men’s health and that as we age the natural production of testosterone declines which can affect the healthy maintenance of muscle mass, bone density and sex drive. Most men who are physically active produce the right amount of testosterone and don’t fall below normal ranges for their age but some don’t. REDY is addressing the importance of testosterone in men’s health with the production of an advanced supplement named Eruption that assists with the free availability of natural testosterone within your body for increased strength, energy, virility, lean muscle and libido. Loaded with optimal ingredients REDY’s Eruption formula can help increase and optimize your testosterone production, limit estrogen production and counteract the stress hormone cortisol.

On many occasions I spend multiple days at a time climbing mountains loaded down with a very heavy backpack which requires the expenditure of enormous amounts of energy as I’m burning up thousands of calories each day. It’s no secret that my muscles and body need every extra bit of help I can give them if I am to continue performing at the level required to be successful and this includes speeding up my recovery time. I have been extremely pleased with REDY’s Ballistic, Magma and Seismic supplements in keeping my muscles and cells “fueled and primed” to enjoy my “passion” in life. I have experienced greater energy levels with their use and I’m confident that I’m replacing the valuable nutrients and chemicals that I have lost during exercise. It should be noted that I also feel it is very important to use these supplements while exercising at home but I guarantee they have become a “staple” on my itemized gear list for my hunting adventures.

When I’m out on a tough, extended backpack/hunting trip, I like to drink 6 ounces of Magma with my breakfast, then before I leave camp I will also down another 8 ounces of Ballistic to get my day started with a burst of energy. During the day I will stay hydrated with water and electrolytes. If I’m a long ways from camp in difficult terrain I will drink another 8 ounce dose of Ballistic. After dinner and just before I retire to my sleeping bag I will mix up some Magma and Seismic to help my muscles repair themselves during the night and to speed up my recovery. I’ve found that my body and sore muscles feel a lot better the next day and that I’m better prepared to perform at a much higher level both physically and mentally.



Please note that I’ve had some great conversations with Donnie Howell and I’m convinced that his team at REDY’s Health Supplements are totally committed and dedicated to ensuring that the very highest quality and most effective ingredients are used in their products for delivery to their customers. After all, Donnie and his staff are also avid outdoorsman like you and I as well as lifelong athletes who have diverse passions that require healthy lifestyles and supplements.

As I’ve tested REDY’s products I’ve not only been extremely impressed with the results but am satisfied that they are using “state of the art ”facilities and formulas to manufacture their products. If I am to continue performing at the highest level then I refuse to spend money on inferior products or use ingredients manufactured by vendors that may be tainted or are not in compliance with the highest FDC standards.

A 30 serving container of Pre-Workout Ballistic is priced at $36.99 and comes in two flavors, Mountain Berry and Tigers Blood. REDY’s Magma, their antioxidant post workout blend of BCAA & Glutamine can also be purchased in the 30 serving size for $36.99 and is available in Tigers Blood. The Seismic Advanced Creatine formula is priced at $32.99 and comes in my favorite flavor, Blackberry Limeade.

If you choose to purchase REDY’s Eruption testosterone booster, it is available in a bottle of 120 capsules priced at $44.99.

For those wishing to lose weight by using REDY’s multi-phase fat burner, MELT, which has been formulated to increase energy and focus, elevate your mood and suppress your appetite, it can be purchased in a 60 capsule container for $34.99.


I appreciate REDY’s mantra that their “Passion is Your Passion” as they are providing the tools and research to enable you as a Mountain Hunter, athlete or average person to push your personal training and abilities to another level. Their products can help you reach goals you may never have thought possible. If you are seeking the energy to “live your passion” with your family and friends then look at joining the REDY family as their Health Supplements can help you “elevate” your passions in life. As Donnie Howell and his team say, “Life is Short so Live REDY!” Check out their website @

What They Could Do Better

REDY Health Supplements are a progressive company intent upon developing supplements that are capable of helping each one of us “fuel our passion” in life. It is my opinion that they offer some outstanding products based upon scientific research. I would like to see them offer their Ballistic and Magma formulas in their Blackberry Limeade flavor.

I hope this review has been helpful to you. I wish you the best as you live your passion in life. Stay safe and continue to keep your boots warm.


  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability