Crooked Horn RF Hook Up, Range Finder Solution


Editor: Mike

Just the Facts:
Crooked Horn has created the answer to one of the most asked question by Hunters: How do I carry my rangefinder with a Bino System? We have incorporated our most popular invention, the Bino System, with the RF Hook Up strap and patented quick-release buckle that will allow you to easily attach a rangefinder to it.
The RF cover secures both rangefinder and binoculars and keeps them from bouncing around and is recommended for spot and stalk hunting, riding quads and horses, or crawling into shooting range.

Crooked Horn Outfitters has attempted to solve a problem that PLAGUES all hunters, but especially the bowhunter..Where do I put my range finder?
I personal have put it: In my shirt pocket, in my pants pocket, around my neck, on a belt case,carried it in my hand, etc.
I have always felt I needed it somewhere else, somewhere close, and somewhere available.

When at the Hunting Expo in Salt Lake City last year, I got an early look at the RF Hook Up by Crooked Horn. I was thrilled with the idea of using my bino harness to also attach my Range Finder to my body.

I have now been using the Crooked Horn RF Hook Up product for several months. I always take my binos and range finder with me in the mountains on hikes. I have found this device to do several things that are important to me:
-It keeps the Range Finder at hand, and easily accessable
-It keeps the Range Finder secure to my body, and out of the way
-It keeps my Range Finder secure and in a consistent location

The RF hook up is EASY to use, and easy to install. It simply hooks to the down strap of the Crooked Horn bino harness, and then velcros around the side strap, keeping the range finder along side my chest, out of the way and very available.

I am anxious to try this new Range Finder carrier on a bow hunt in August, but if my initial tests and use are an indication of how it will function on a hunt, I know I am going to be thrilled.

Very nice job Crooked Horn, you have created a real solution to a problem that has been plaguing us for many year.

What they could do better:
Range finders are NOT cheap, ship this unit with some kind of cover that goes over the top, and keeps my range finder covered.

Range Finder Carry Case by Crooked Horn Review
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