Princenton Tec Byte Headlamp LED Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description:

Hiking, hunting, outdoor Headlamp

Just the Facts:

POWER 35 Lumens
LAMP Maxbright LED, Red Ultrabright LED
BURN TIME 146 Hours
BATTERIES 2 AAA Alkaline or Lithium
WEIGHT 64 Grams


I purchased the Princenton Tec Byte Headlamp at a local sporting good store in the hopes that the lightweight headlamp with both Red Light, and White Light would safely guide me into my tree stand in the steep Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

On the first trip I started at the trail head 1 hour before light. I switched the light onto the red led setting in hopes that the red beam would give me enough light to hike in. Deer are unable to see the red light, so I try to use it when I can. NO GO, I was unable to see the red light against the snow, I even put my hand in front of my face, aimed the beam at it, and could hardly see red show up at a distance of 2 feet. No worries, I put the white light on and started hiking. I was able to see well…for a minute anyway, within 10 minutes the beam was gone, it was just fluttering. I chalked it up to bad batteries, waited until light and hiked in.

Next trip I was sporting NEW batteries, but again within a few minutes I had a fluttering light. This time I decided it was due to the extreme cold, about 5 degrees. I had now been on 2 trips and had my light fail me both times, not good.

I wish I could give you a review concerning my 3rd trip with this Princeton Tec Headlamp, but it did not happen. I will try it again when the weather gets warm.

Nice looking light weight headlamp, but it did not work for me.

What they could do better:

Make the red beam usable

Did not work for me in cold weather

The switch was very hard to find and use with gloves on

Princenton Tec Byte Headlamp LED Review
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