Primos Trigger Bipod Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of item:

Hunting bipod with easy trigger adjust

Just the Facts:

  • Two-Piece Bi Pod
  • 30 % Lighter – Varies By Model
  • Perfect for Kneeling or Sitting
  • Adjusts from 23 ½”  to 32 ½”


I always like to pack a pair of shooting sticks when I take my rifle out. I have even gotten to the point that when I go chase rabits with the 22 I take shooting sticks…weird I know but useful.

I have several pair, but decided this year during a sheep hunt, a couple coyote hunts, and a late cow elk hunt, to pack the Primos Trigger Bipod.

I love the concept of one trigger quickly and easily adjusting both legs to the exact length needed. I loved this idea, but have been very skeptical that it would work well.

On the first outing, Coyote Hunting, the temperature was -5 in south eastern Idaho…a good test for the trigger bipod. Even though I did not get any coyotes I was thrilled that the sticks went up and down easily, stayed in place when I let the trigger go, and just worked great in the harsh conditions.

It is so convienient to be able to adjust quickly to differing terrain, and have the legs go to the exact lenght independently and then stop firmly. I had feared that in this cold weather the mechanisms would not work, but they did.

On my elk hunt, I also used the Primos Trigger Bipod as a walking stick. I did not put lots of pressure on it, but I gave it some weight. It held up this this very well also. I was able to adjust the heighth quickly and easily again after using it in mud and dirt.

Pretty straight forward that simple review, but the thing just works. I like the speed, ease, and simpleness of the bipod. Way to go Primos.

What they could do better:

I like a rotating head. This head does rotate, but only after you loosen the top.

Primos Trigger Bipod Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability