Primos Super Pack Bugle Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:

Elk call that can be used to product cow calf and bull elk calls. Light weight compact design for use in back packing and remote destinations.

Just the Facts:

  •  Bugle Extends from 13” to 19”
  • Very compact and light
  • some version come in camo


I have used the Primos Terminator and Bullet Elk Bugles for many years and have been THRILLED with them. I can replicate the sound of elk very well, and produce outstanding volume.

These bugles have been ideal for locating and calling in Bulls.

I was excited this year to try out the Super Pack Bugle. It has the same blue reed on the top, which I have found very easy to use. The difference is this thing is SMALL and compact.

I bought it to use in Wyoming on a pack in elk hunt. I was less worried about weight, but needed something smaller. This looked to fit the bill.

The bugle came with about 2 weeks before I headed for the mountains. My family really appreciated me practicing in the house and on the street 🙂

The calls I let out at first were suspect at best: High pitched, low volume, and tinny. I kept practicing.

Over time I was able to use the call just ok. At best I sound like a spike or 2 year old bull. I am unable to produce any lower sounds, and especially struggled with the growl of a big bull.

In Wyoming, I did not scare any bulls away with the call, and found it to work. I just could not get the volume I wanted for locator and challenge calls.

I will keep the bugle, but am not going to use it much. I plan to stick with the Primos Terminator bugle, that gives me much better sound quality, a wider range of calls, and just works easier.



What they could do better:

Not sure how to fix it, this just seems to not work as well as I had hoped.

Primos Super Pack Bugle Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability