Popticles POPGUN

Editor: Cory McLaughlin

Just the Facts:

POPGUN was built for top-of-the-line performance without sacrificing portability. The semi-rimless design is lean, lightweight, and ready to provide world-class optics in any situation. Whether you’re hitting the trail or the golf course the sporty wrap-around style makes these sunglasses the perfect piece of high-performance gear for any active outdoor activity.

popticles sunglass review

Made with the best materials and the Popticals patented design with built in FL2 Micro-Rail System™, our frames are the perfect synthesis of strength and lightweight portability.

FL2 Micro-Rail System™
At the core of our patented design is the FL2 Micro-Rail System™. Built into the frames, the track and stainless steel pins allow the lenses to slide in parallel to each other for compact storage. This gives Popticals their unique portability while offering premium sports performance. A powerful magnet guides the connecting pieces in the center of the frames for quick and effortless deployment. The entire FL2 Micro-Rail System™ is made from corrosion and rust-proof materials to ensure durable, long-lasting functionality.

Grilamid® TR 90
The Grilamid® TR 90 material used in our frames combines the incredible strength of a semi-crystalline polyamide with the amazing flexibility of an amorphous thermoplastic to create the ultimate lightweight yet durable frames.

Popticals frames are amazingly flexible (all those yoga classes must have paid off). Flexible frames mean two things: a wonderfully comfortable wrap-around fit, and a forgiving resilience that prevents cracks and breakage.

Popticals are not just tough, they are TR 90 tough. Incredibly strong due to their flexible construction, our frames are extremely impact and fracture resistant. The polyamide material provides exceptional shock absorption and tensile strength.

Solid, stylish, and curiously light, Popticals won’t weigh you down. The TR 90 frames are around 20% lighter than other plastics, so you’re more than likely to forget you have them on.

Popticals come with cutting-edge Polyamide lenses to protect your eyes and enhance your vision. The lenses are polarized, scratch and impact-resistant, filter out all UV rays and are lightweight to create the ultimate high-performance sunglasses.

Keep your eyes on the prize, without the squinting. Our polarized lenses eliminate virtually all glare, allowing you to see with enhanced contrast and definition, distortion free color, and crystal clear vision in every condition.

Complete UV Protection
UV400 protection filters out 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Combined with the wrap-around style that blocks stray light from entering through the sides, Popticals offer superior eye protection.

Ri-Pel® Lens Technology
Our easy to clean lenses utilize hydrophobic and oleophobic Ri-Pel® technology, making them completely repellent to dirt, oil, dust and water. The Ri-Pel® lens treatment ensures superior, long-lasting performance and durability, even in the most extreme conditions.

Scratch, Impact and Shatter Resistant
Our lenses are scratch resistant to keep your vision clear and your Popticals looking great. Impact and shatter resistance make them durable, protective windshields for your eyes that can absorb impact of a steel ball traveling at a speed of 100mph, though we recommend not trying that test at home (or at all).
My Story:
I am a sunglasses freak! I am always the butt of jokes from my friends as I wear my sunglasses pretty much all the time that the sun is out. It does not matter if it is cloudy or not I am usually wreaking my glasses. My eyes are very sensitive to light and without a good pair of sunglasses I am nearly blind.
When I was in Army Basic Training I had a First Sergeant that was a certified hard charging BA. He was an accomplished sniper and overall just hard core. On one particular shooting range I had gained attention for shooting well and this earned me a private shooting lesson from Top. He showed me many things but left me with one piece of advice that I took to heart “private” he said “When you get out of here make sure you get some good sunglasses and you wear them, they will save your eyes.” And that is exactly what I did. I am not sure if he was talking about saving them from the sun or from debris or even shrapnel but I listened all the same.
That was 16 years ago and I have accumulated quite the sunglasses collection. I was absolutely jazzed to test out a new company with a product that was unlike any that I had seen before. Popticals was a huge blip on my radar for the 2017 Summer OR show and I was very excited to see what this company had to offer.
After my visit to the booth and a fit test of a few models I settled on the Popgun. These glasses fit my face nicely and they felt comfortable. I loved the lens choices and that they were polarized. I am an avid outdoorsman and polarized glasses are a must.

popticle glass review

I was also absolutely jazzed to see how these glasses fold up and stow into a very tough case. I love how small the case was and the innovative idea was certainly something that caught my eye. Folding glasses are a great conversation piece. You are sure to love the functionality and style of this great feature. The only issue you may find is that when the track gets dirty the glasses can be a bit difficult to close up. Luckily my experience has shown me that this is nothing that a little warm water and a kitchen spray nozzle can’t fix.

The lenses of these glasses are made of nylon. It is a very unique change from the polycarbonate lenses I am used to wearing. Popticals advertises that they are 16% lighter than poly lenses and though I did not pull out the scale I can say that they feel noticeably lighter on my face than other similar glasses. They lenses are also incredibly clear and the polarization works great when trying to spot lurking trout or bass. I was able to spot several whales while on vacation at the Oregon Coast as well. Another thing I noticed was that the UV protection is very noticeable as long hours in the sun do not leave your eyes feeling fatigued at all. I even used them to help me enjoy the 2017 solar eclipse.

popticles sun glasses

What I found after using these glasses for the summer months was that they are simply a fantastic product. They fit my face nicely and they flat out work. I have enjoyed many adventures with my Popticlas POPGUN glasses and I see myself having many more in the future. I would rate these glasses against just about any of the top end glasses out there and believe you will be happy with your purchase.

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What can be done better?
For my testing I could not find anything that I would want to change about the glasses at all. The case was a bit of a disappointment as it broke after a simple fall. I believe that these glasses are just as fantastic as they are innovative. Find job Popticals!

5 stars for innovation and functionality.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability