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Basic Description:
An extremely small, lightweight, durable LED headlamp with 3 different lighting modes. Can be used as an emergency light in case you get caught outdoors after dark. Easily attached to backpack shoulder straps or hung from inside tent.
Petzl’s eLite is a remarkable small headlamp. In fact it is so tiny at one ounce that it can easily fit in the palm of your hand. Shaped like a “micro disc, this LED headlamp is the most versatile lightweight light that I have used for its size. The eLite has a strong beam for its diminutive dimensions and can be used as a backup for your regular headlamp or as an emergency light in a wide variety of circumstances. For $30 you just can’t beat the price if you are looking for an inexpensive backup “insurance” headlamp for outdoor use.

Technical Features:
• Uses 3 v lithium batteries
• 24 meter max beam length
• 20 hours of battery life
• 26 grams (weight)
• Retractable strong string headband
• Lever dial off/on switch

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When I’m out backpacking in some of the toughest canyon country in southern Utah it is absolutely essential that I pack light but that the equipment I use will not malfunction. The headlamps I choose must perform to my highest expectations. On more than one occasion I’ve been stuck out on the mountain after dark and have needed an “emergency backup” headlamp to provide me with the necessary light to get me back to my spike camp.
Petzl’s eLite, at a mere .59 oz is so lightweight that I can simply slip it into my pocket or attach to the shoulder strap of my backpack in case my regular light malfunctions. I’ve used the eLite extensively around camp for small chores. This saves valuable battery life for my regular headlamp. I also like to use the eLite’s retractable strap to tie the small headlamp to the roof of my tent when getting ready for bed, so I can organize gear, look at maps, etc. The lever/dial switch took a few tries to get used to but it works sufficiently although it could be designed so that it doesn’t stick when you get it dirty. This can be an issue. Hopefully, the design team at Petzl will work on this. The fact that the lever/dial locks off so it won’t turn on accidentally is a plus.
Petzl’s eLite attached to my backpack should strap!

I found the eLite’s 3 adjustable “light levels” a positive feature with the red LED low setting a nice option. This can be useful if tracking a blood trail in the dark or navigating through foggy conditions. However, I don’t recommend using the eLite for most after dark hiking conditions. This is not what it was designed for. I always carry my Surefire Minimus, Petzl Tikka or Black Diamond Revolt for those duties.
At a price of $30 I do recommend the purchase of this little lightweight wonder. Adding a couple of extra batteries adds very little to the overall weight.

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What They Could Do Better
• Design a more functional on/off switch.

Petzl eLite headlamp / Flashlight Review
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