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An ultra lightweight and comfortable glassing cushion. Perfect for backpack hunters.

Tacky, no slip “rubber backed” surface
Tough, durable cordura border encloses thick foam
Resistant to water if sitting on wet ground
Lightweight, compressible
Can also be used for a pillow or lumbar pad


If you are not familiar with them, “THE OUTDOORSMANS” is an American company based in Phoenix AZ, that sells quality optics and gear for the Western Hunter.


As backpack Mountain Hunters we must be very selective in the gear we choose to take on our hunting adventures. There are a lot of gear choices in today’s high tech world of hunting and backpacking that encompass a diverse spectrum from boots, camo clothing, tents, etc, to Super Down sleeping bags. Although different hunts present us with a wide range of decisions, after 25 years “out on the mountain” I have the basic checklist I personally use down to a fine science. I’m extremely cognizant of weight and quality in each and every item of gear I pack no matter how small it may be. One critical but rather small item of hunting gear that I never leave home without today is a simple “glassing pad.”
I learned the hard way many years ago that a glassing pad can make the hours you spend behind your high priced optics much more pleasant. I can’t remember how many pants I’ve ruined by wearing the material on the seat of my butt completely out but there have been plenty of them……..just ask my wife because she is the seamstress that I run to in a pleading effort to patch those prized hunting pants of mine up for my next expedition. Because I spend the majority of my time in desert terrain I have also incurred the unpleasant wrath of collecting cacti and other sharp debris in my backside that my hunting buddies absolutely refuse to pick out! It is also very uncomfortable to sit on hard rocks and cold wet ground when glassing.
Over the hundreds of hours I’ve spent glassing out on the mountain I have gotten a lot smarter as my gear checklist now includes a comfortable glassing pad. There are a lot of different choices out there and I’ve even made my own butt pads out of memory foam and other materials. However, in the glassing pads that I personally use I demand that the pads are ultra light, can be compressed, are simple, inexpensive and can be used for multiple purposes.
I’ve found that the Outdoorsman’s Glassing Pad has met my expectations in every way. This pad is very comfortable to sit on and protects your backside from hard surfaces allowing you to spend more quality time behind your binoculars while scanning terrain for big game. In particular, I appreciate the rubber backing on the OUTDOORSMANS PAD that adheres to the ground so that you don’t slide around when you shift positions. I’ve had butt pads that will slide on wet grass or snow and that is not conducive to maintaining proper glassing technique. What I’ve really liked about the Outdoorsman’s pad is that I can use it for other purposes such as an extra lumbar pad when packing extremely heavy loads or for a simple pillow to rest your head on. I have also used this pad as a brace for hot spots on my hips or back or for badly bruised bone or torn muscles. It is also very handy as a rifle rest because of its tacky surface. The pad makes and excellent pad to lay your rifle across a pack, ground, or rock to shoot from. Because of the grip of the material used it locks in tight(works great).

The Outdoorsman’s Glassing Pad sells for $34.99. They can be reached at

1-800-291-8065 or on their website at Great product.


I love this glassing pad but would like to see the OUTDOORSMAN’S sew a small loop to both ends of the pad or on two corners. I prefer to clip my glassing pad to the out side of my backpack with a light carabineer so that I can detach and get to it immediately.

OUTDOORSMANS Glassing Pad Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

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