MSR Evo Ascent Pro Snowshoe

Just the Facts
Frame Material: plastic
Binding System: PosiLock (AT binding)
Crampon Material: stainless steel
Deck Material: plastic
Binding Material: PosiLock (3 toe straps, 1 heel)
Snowshoe Weight: 4 lb
Recommended User Weight: (under) 180 lb, (with modular tail attachment, under) 250 lb
Recommended Use: winter backcountry adventures over rugged, uneven terrain
Manufacturer Warranty: lifetime

Basic Description:
The MSR evo Ascents are by far the best snow shoes I have used. They are a perfect fit on any boot that I have tried them on. The grips hold to almost any terrain and allow for the perfect hike or trek you go on. These are perfect for both beginner and advanced users. The best part about them are the ascending clips they have, it’s a bar that you can pull up that allows your heel to have extra leverage so that when your ascending your foot stays flat and the pressure stays off the ball of your foot. On top of that they have detachable tailwings that add an extra allowance for about 50-70lbs of weight, it adds length but if your on a journey where you need to pack an extra few nights of gear it makes a huge difference. all in all I give this an A+

I bought these snowshoes a few years ago when i saw them on special at out n back in orem utah. I took them out the next day and was instantly hooked. These shoes out preformed every expectation I had of them, the more I tried to push their limits, the more impressed I was. The clips are easy to slip in and out of, the grips are second to none, they have extra tail wings allowing for heavier loads, and they just look awesome, very James Bond-esque. The front of the shoe even acted as a shovel once when I had to dig my truck out of a snow bank. The clip under the heel that you can flip up allows you to ascend the terrain without putting pressure on your heel so you stay flat as your scaling up the hills. these are the perfect snowshoes. When I run across them in the storage it gets me pumped up for the snow to hit everytime I see them. MSR really outdid themselves

What they could do better?

The bindings could be a bit better, I feel they are too flimsy when I put them on until I start hiking, then I realize that its just me tripping out, they do work great and its not as bad as I think.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

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