Lorpen light Hiker Sock Review

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Basic Information:
The Merino Light Hiking Sock was designed for long hikes and rugged conditions where moisture and warmth are an issue. Made with Merino Wool that provides warmth without overheating the foot. It also wicks away moisture from sweat that builds up over long hikes or activities. Features light cushioning on the sole for support and mesh venting along the top of the sock that allows for more air flow to the foot. Ea. LYCRA® ensures this sock stays up in your boots without slipping down to your toes.

Developed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts who need a light weight, durable, and reliable sock to protect their feet.

Just the Facts
o Merino Wool wicks away moisture and provides soft feel against the skin
o 10% Ea. LYCRA® all throughout the sock means no slipping or bunching up
o Light cushioning for added support
o Flat Knit Toe Seam means no irritation on your toes
o Mesh venting for added breathability

The story


Since my time in the army and the horrific quality of the lowest bidder wool socks I was issued I have hated wool. It made my feet feel horrible! I stuck to my cotton socks and was happy, well, happier. The blisters and soaking wet socks just came with the territory, at least that’s what I always told myself. Ironically enough it was that same lowest bidder type contract that gave me my first taste of synthetic blend socks. The difference was undeniable and so began my quest for great socks.
I bought my first pair of Lorpen Merino Light Hiking Socks from the website The price was right and because I am always looking to try something new I bought a pair. I was a bit apprehensive about the word “WOOL” as my memories of my Army socks came flooding back. I wore them to my local archery range. The range offers a fun walk-and-shoot type course that takes you up and down hills and is about a third of a mile long or so. At the end of the walk my feet felt great. Many hikes followed and the socks performed so well I ordered several more pairs. My wife tried them on and immediately instructed me to order her a few pairs as well.
The Lorpen Light Hiking Sock has become my family’s “sock of choice”. I have almost completely switched to these sock for everything. If I walk by a rack and they are on sale I can’t resist the urge to load my arms and buy as many pairs as I can get. The socks are as durable as they are comfortable so my want certainly outweighs my need to buy new socks. I have unopened packs on standby for the future. I guess I’m like a Dooms Day sock prepper!
Bottom line is if you are tired of having blisters and soaking wet feet from wearing the wrong socks it’s time to open your eyes. The Lorpen Light Hiking Sock has been right in front of your face. Honestly, you should be mad at yourself for not already owning a pair.

What they could do better

There is not much room for critique here. I can’t think of much that can be done to improve these great socks. They offer a wide line of socks so if these do not fit your needs there are others that may. Anything with the word LORPEN on it gets my seal of approval.

Lorpen Light Hiker Sock Review, by Team DeadFowl
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability