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Cocoons are professional grade sunglasses that are designed to either be worn over prescription eyewear or alone! The Live Eyewear Cocoons collection encompasses a wide range of sizes and styles that fit over different sizes and shapes of prescription glasses. Cocoons feature a proprietary lens that is available in many different tints, including mirrors and specialty low vision lens systems. Intelligent design, world-class engineering and a range of patented features has helped the brand achieve worldwide acclaim as the most comfortable fitover sunglass on the market. Simply put, Cocoons are Professional Grade Fitovers.



For many years individuals who wore prescription eyeglasses were basically left out of the sunglass, polarized lenses market. Yes, they could purchase expensive eyeglasses that became darker in the light but this didn’t address the need for ascetically pleasing styles, colors, glare etc. Live Eyewear’s exemplary line of Cocoons sunglasses have addressed the need for the practical functionality of a larger fitover designed specifically for contemporary fashion. Cocoons Style Line accommodates large prescription glasses without sacrificing aesthetics. Cocoons, model C702R MX Black Green Mirror Polarized OveRx Sunglasses will fit over prescription frames measuring less than 5 ½ inches in width by 1 ½ inches in height. Cocoons sunglasses feature Polarized UV400, extremely durable scratch resistant lenses, a patented Flex2Fit adjustable temple system, and a lifetime warranty. The Style Line MX Soft Touch® black chassis highlights the brilliant green mirror polarized lens system.

Live Eyewear engineers scientifically designed these sunglasses to cut through harsh glare as the underlying “amber lens” increases contrast and improves depth perception. These sunglasses are very effective for use around and on water. Amber is also a popular choice when driving. Cocoons lenses feature a scratch resistant mirror finish that is equally popular in the harsh glare of snow, and desert sand.

Cocoons patented Flex2Fit temple system is simple to adjust and with a few custom contours of the ear pieces, gives you an extremely comfortable, pressure-free, yet secure fit. The pliable temples are fused to the flexible nylon frames during the injection molding process, resulting in a nearly “unbreakable” piece of eyewear. There is no fitover sunglass on the market today that is capable of delivering the performance of Cocoons. Live Eyewear has crafted and addressed every detail in the design of their Cocoons for excellence. From their patented lightweight frames that completely isolate the eyes from the elements to the optical-grade Polaré® lens system this brand has stamped its attention to quality worldwide. Available in over 350 size, style, color and lens options, every pair of Cocoons include a case, lens cloth, use and care guide and lifetime warranty.



• Flex2Fit® temple system for customization
• Polarized UV400 Polaré® Lens System
• 100% Blocked UV Light
• Scratch Resistant
• Injection Fused Soft Touch® Chassis
• Maximum-Sized Peripheral Lenses
• 360 degree Protection
• Polycarbonate Side Shields
• Green Mirror

My Story:

I literally spend hours out on the mountain or desert each year and it is critical for me to protect my eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and take the necessary steps to safeguard my vision from the harsh element. It is critical that the sunglasses I choose to wear will help ensure that my eyesight is secure from damaging wind, dust, debris, insects, and other potentially dangerous objects. An incident many years ago on a hunting trip when I was breaking a path through a thick pinion juniper forest and accidentally ran into a branch where a dry limb impaled me in the side of my eye taught me a valuable lesson of how important it is to wear sunglasses for protection. It was a small miracle that I was able to get off the mountain to a doctor who removed the stick without causing any vision impairment whatsoever to my eyesight. After that experience I always try to wear protective sunglasses that fit like a “cocoon” around my eyes.

Wearing My Cocoons Recently On A Harsh Desert Backpack Trip

This is exactly why Live Eyewear’s Cocoons collection of sunglasses caught my attention. These sunglasses have been designed to totally isolate your eyes from the elements. Cocoons were engineered to comfortably fit over prescription eyeglasses but they are stylish enough to be worn whether or not you wear glasses or not. I’ve had sunglasses that either fit too tightly on my head or slipped on the bridge of my nose so I really appreciated the fact that Cocoons feature adjustable Flex2Fit temples that are specifically designed to be quickly and easily adjusted to the shape and curvature of the wearer’s head. I found that this innovative feature allowed me to achieve an exact fit that has been secure and comfortable for the long hours I spend hiking out on the mountain. I’ve been extremely impressed with the Cocoons frame technology as they are not only lightweight but extremely tough and durable. On a recent backpack trip in the canyon country of southern Utah I set my Cocoons on the top of my pack while glassing into a deep sandstone canyon and accidently knocked them off where they tumbled end over end down a steep incline. I was amazed that neither the frame nor the lenses were damaged in any way. I’ve destroyed a lot of sunglasses over the years but have been very confident in my extended and extremely tough field testing of the Cocoons that they will stand up to any abuse I can dish out. Live Eyewear’s frames are basically indestructible as they are made out of a lightweight ballistic nylon that is Hypoallergenic. The lenses have proven to be scratch resistant.

As I studied the Cocoons framework I appreciated the fact that it was designed so that light not going through the lenses is blocked out from above and below. In other words, the patented frame design combined with the UV400 lens system is providing me with 360 degrees of protection. Live Eyewear’s exclusive Polaré lens system effectively filtered the harmful ultraviolet light and provided me with maximum UVA and UVB protection. I have found that my eyes are comfortably protected by my Cocoons MX Black Sunglasses. I absolutely love the amber, polarized lens, green mirror finish and ability to custom fit the ear-pieces and temple of the frames by manually contouring them with a minor amount of effort.

Outstanding, affordable, high quality polarized glasses are difficult to find but my Cocoons have met every expectation that I have had. Their lenses are very scratch resistant, highlighted by a one-year scratch resistant warranty. In fact, the quality of all Cocoon sunglasses is emphasized by their amazing lifetime warranty that you will most likely never need as these sunglasses are built to last! By shopping around on the web you can find the Cocoons priced from $46 to $55 dollars as they come in 7 sizes, 14 frame colors, and 4 polarized lens tints (+5 mirror options). Please check out the styles available on the Live Eyewear website at:

Replacement and Repairs
Live Eyewear will repair or replace, at the company’s option, any Live Eyewear product found to be defective, exclusive of damage caused by improper or unreasonable use. The lifetime warranty applies to the frames only, not the lenses.
The lenses are guaranteed to be free from manufacturers defect and remain scratch resistant for a period of one year from original date of purchase, exclusive of damage caused by improper or unreasonable use. No lens is scratch proof, but premium, optical grade lenses are warranted to be scratch resistant for a period of one year after original date of purchase. Live Eyewear, at the company’s discretion, will replace or repair any lenses damaged or found defective under normal use.
Any alteration or modification of the original product will void the warranty.
If you encounter a defect, the company recommends returning your Live Eyewear product to where you bought it and requesting that the authorized dealer replace them. If your local authorized dealer is unable to replace them, Live Eyewear recommends sending your warranty request directly to them with the following;
• Original proof of purchase: A dated copy of the original sales receipt with your returned Live Eyewear product
• A check for $8.95 to cover shipping and handling
• A brief note detailing the problem and how the product broke
• Include your name, phone number and address in the event they need to contact you

What They Could Do Better:
Cocoons are outstanding fitover sunglasses! I highly recommend them!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability