Knives of Alaska Set Cub and Muskrat Review

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[rating: 4/5]


Basic Description of item: Hunting and skinning knife set in leather push in sheath

Just the Facts: 2 knife set. each about 4 inches long with rubber handle. Made of D2 Steel.



I own and have used this set of knives on many hunting expeditions. I first used them on a cow elk hunt in Utah. The hunter was having a hard time making the cuts through the hide near the wind pipe. I offered the Cub knife for use. “unreal” he said as the knife flew through the hide.

That was not the end of it, he then used the knife to finish the gutting job. It did outstanding work.

I next used the knives on a bull elk that I harvested in Utah. I fully caped out this animal. I was impressed that the knives stayed very sharp through the whole process, even though a bull elk hide is unbelievable tough and thick, and usually dulls 2 knives during skinning.

I used the Muskrat around the face, eyes and ears. It did an outstanding job and remained sharp sharp sharp. It was nice to have the rounded edge. It provided comfort and control. I was able to make the finest of cuts and felt I had total control without worry of cutting the fine hide. This control came from the notches in the blades that allow your thumb and index finger to be place far out on the blade.

I also used the set of knives on a Desert Sheep caping job. This went very well. The knives performed as expected, and I was left with a beautiful cape.

This is a set of knives that I will carry on almost all of my hunting trips. I usually have to sharpen them after 2 animals, which is quite amazing. You will need to use a diamond edge sharpener to get them started as they are very hard.

Great knives, I am very happy with them.



What they could do better:

The leather sheath does not fit as good as I would like.


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Functionality: [rating: 4.5/5]
Value: [rating: 4.5/5]
Ergonomics: [rating: 4/5]
Durability: [rating: 4/5]


Knives of Alaska Cub and Muskrat Set
Knives of Alaska Set Cub and Muskrat Review
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