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Just the Facts:

Our most popular pad trimmed to a ¾ length that’s perfect for ounce counters, kids and Scouts, the Static V Junior packs to the size of a soda can, and weighs a scant 13 ounces. The body-mapped V chamber design limits air movement to help maintain insulating performance and ergonomic comfort, dynamic side rails keep you centered on the pad, and the durable material is tough enough to handle direct contact with the ground when you want to travel light and leave the tent at home.
More Information
Price $44.95
Weight 13 oz / 369 g
Dimensions 50.4″ x 23″ x 2.5″ / 128 cm x 58.4 cm x 6.4 cm
R-Value 1.3
Inflation 6+12 Breaths
Pack Size 3″ x 8″ / 7.62 cm x 20.3 cm
Fabric 75D Polyester
Warranty Limited Lifetime

klymit static v junior

My Story:
Being a dad can be frustrating. Not in the way you might be thinking though. As a father you want what is best for your children. When searching for outdoor equipment the term “Youth” or “Junior” do not usually represent products of high quality. This is where the frustration comes into play. My kids are my world and in my world I want to have quality equipment. Whether it is a sleeping pad or a spork I want my kids to have something that works. Klymit has answered the call with the Static V Junior. This is a smaller version of their already amazing Static V Sleeping Pad and it offers all the comfort in a smaller package.
My daughter is like any other kid really. She can sleep on top of 6 baseballs and have her head downhill. She is an 8 year old girl and if memory serves me I believe when I was that age I could sleep just about anywhere as well. That might have be ok when I was a kid but us adults we understand the difference between sleep and good sleep. It is a good night sleep that revives the body and mind and sets the tone for the next day. So, in the interest of parenting this is extremely important as I want to make sure my little angel is in the best of moods. So this pad has now become a part of our car camping kit and will follow her up into backpacking. It also has proven to be a great lounging mat for her as we watch TV.

static v 2

At 13 OZ there are lighter options out there that would work for our trips. When you only weigh about 60 LBS 13oz can be a lot to pack. There are many other options out there that offer full length pads at nearly the same weight. So, this pad may turn out to be a little silly when you can have a full length pad at the same relative packed sized and weight. The Klymit INERTIA OZONE or X FRAME are examples of lighter full length pads.
The other use for this pad is as a ¾ style pad for backpacking or backcountry hunting. It is 5 ounces lighter than the standard sized Static V and just as comfortable in the areas that matter. This pad is long enough to support the areas of most pressure for most average sized people. I am 5’ 9’’ and it worked wonderfully for me.

static v 3

The pad is inflated through a pull tab type valve that can be a bit difficult. You have to ensure a good seal with your lips to get the pad to inflate. I am not sure why they decided to change the valve away from the other style as I much prefer that twist valve to this system.

static v 4

However, the pad is comfortable, and it held air. The KLYMIT STATIC V JUNIOR is an example of finding that mix of quality and affordability. Sure there are other options out there but for a much higher price. A backpacker, father, hunter, or young outdoor enthusiast would be wise to explore this option. I would feel very comfortable sending people over to KLYMIT to take a look at this great pad or any of their other great options. I’m sure that after a quick visit to the site below you will find a pad that suits your needs and it may just be the STATIC V JUNIOR.

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What can be done better?
As I mentioned above this is a great pad. However, there are a few things that I would like to change on it for sure. The first is the valve system as I much prefer the simplicity of a single valve. The other issue is the weight. I would like to see a pad that is marketed to youth or as a ¾ pad to come in a little closer to 10 OZ or so. Like the KLYMIT INERTIA X WAVE or their other ¾ options. As a kids pad this thig is fantastic and both of my children love to sleep on it. It has been used for sleepovers, camping trips, and even movie nights on the living room floor. The price point of this pad is very acceptable at $45 and it is a great product overall.

I give this product 4 stars as I feel it is a great idea but could use some slight improvements.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability