Ignite 4k Action Camera Review

Editor: Cory McLaughlin

Just the Facts:

Height 1.61″
Width 2.32″
Depth 0.84″
Weight 0.14 lbs Including Battery
Material Plastic

More info
Capture amazing moments and share them with the world! The NEW Ignite 4K WiFi is the most advanced sport action camera on the market Loaded with features, memory card and multiple accessories. Waterproof up to 30M it also has an optional 40M case so you can dive deeper than ever. The new slimmer and lighter design makes it easy to carry attach wherever the action takes you. Ignite includes a remote control giving you complete control and the ability to capture the action like never before. Ignite 4K sport cameras are designed with a front LCD that displays settings, battery life and WiFi status. The 2″ HD full color screen makes seeing what you are filming easier than ever! Ultra HD 4K delivers the best quality images and video possible. Connect with the FREE app for android/Iphone makes it easy to share your adventures on any social platform. The new upgraded battery maintains it’s charge to keep you in the action longer!

Ignite Specifications
Photo Resolution 12MP/8MP/5MP/4MP
Video Resolution 4K @ 25fps (3840*2160 pixels)
2.7K @ 30fps (2704*1524 pixels)
1080p @ 60fps (1920*1080 pixels)
1080p @ 30fps (1920*1080 pixels)
Field of View Ultra-Wide, Medium, Narrow
4K Superview Available Yes
Display Screen Dual Front OLED + 2” HD LCD Screen
Lens 170 Ultra-Wide Angle Glass Lens
Built-In Wireless Yes
Remote Control 2.4G Remote/3m Waterproof / Distance 20m
Waterproof Case 30M Standard / 40M Available
# of Mounts Included 7
Rechargeable Battery 1050mAh lithium-ion rechargeable
Micro SD Card Up To 32GB (16GB Included)
Charges Yes
Travel Case Yes
Mobile App Iphone/Android
Battery Life 1050mAh (1080p30 1.5 hours, 4K25/2.7K30/1080p60 50 mins)
Looping Video Yes
Time Stamp Yes
Upside Down Option Yes
Burst Photo Yes
Time Lapse Yes
Continuous Lapse Yes

My Story:

If you live in today’s world it is nearly impossible for you to be unaware of the small action cameras that seem to be traveling with people on every adventure. There are so many options out there it can be hard to choose one. Obviously quality is the most important concern but second to that is price. The Holy Grail is to get a camera that is both high quality and cost effective. In steps the Ignite 4K Waterproof Sports Camera.
I was first introduced to the Ignite camera at the Summer OR show in Salt Lake. I was an instant fan of this great little camera as I could see the potential for filming outdoor adventures. I have used and filmed thousands of hours with Go-Pro cameras and while they have been good to us the camera and accessories are very expensive. I have long been looking for an alternative and was very excited to give this Ignite camera a try.
The first thing that I noticed when I took the camera out of the box was the massive amount of included mounting options. This thing come absolutely loaded with options that will fit every need you can imagine. That is a huge step up from Go-Pro. You also have a remote and an Android/iPhone app that can be used to control the camera. This thing is just loaded with extras.
The battery life of the camera is sufficient and holds very close to the advertised times. I would like to see some options for extended batteries as they do come in handy for long time-lapse and extended video.
This camera is great looking and simple to use. The three button controls allow for simple navigation through the cameras features. The 2” screen on the back of the camera allows you to see what settings you are working with and proves to be extremely useful. The screen also allows you to see what the camera sees so you can aim it accordingly. This is a great feature that many of the other camera options out there do not offer.
The Ignite Camera films in 4K! This is an amazing capability for those that want the best quality picture available. There are downfalls to 4K however and you if you choose not to use it the Ignite Camera can also be used in 2.7K and two 1080p options. These other settings are a bit friendlier on storage space than 4K. Ultimately you have the ability to capture some very high quality images and video in several different methods. This versatility makes this camera very attractive to nearly any videographer and with the ability to take a 32GB SD card you will be free to use whatever setting best fits your need.
The Ignite also has a great Time-lapse feature that can catch some really cool shots of things like wedding set up, decoy set ups, or whatever you can imagine. You will be sure to have a cool video that can show off your hard work.
The last part of the camera I would like to highlight is its ability to take photographs. While it does not have a telephoto lens and cannot zoom it can do a fantastic job of catching the ever so popular selfie. You can even set it up on tripod for a group picture. Anyway you decide to use it if it’s a picture you want it’s a picture you will get and at 12 MP you can even blow it up for the wall.

ignite 4k camera review

Below is a picture that I took with the waterproof case on. You might notice some blurring. This is because I made the mistake of leaving the protective film over the lens. It is not super obvious and I overlooked it completely. So, you will want to make sure to remove it.

The Ignite 4K Camera is pretty much a rock star! It can go with you as you cruise the ocean floor and bomb down at terminal velocity on a sky diving adventure. You can mount it to just about anything and are sure to be able to capture the best moments of all your wild adventures. We used our camera in temperatures well below freezing and in rain, snow, water, and everything else I could think of. I love my Ignite 4K Camera as I’m sure you will and I plan to bring it with me on many more adventures.

Video review will be added later:

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What can be done better?
I honestly cannot find anything that I would like to change with the camera itself. I was a bit turned off by the photos from the waterproof case until I found out that I had left the protective film on it. So, make sure you take that off. Once it is gone you will have very high quality images and video with or without the case. For the price this Ignite 4K camera is a solid choice and one that I am sure will help capture your most intense adventures.

I give the Ignite 4 K camera 5 stars as it is a shining star in it’s price range!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


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