GSI Outdoors Haulite Minimalist

Basic Description: Lightweight single person integrated pot/cup, perfect for boiling water and having coffee or hot cocoa in the back country. Includes a silicone pot gripper, telescoping spoon and neoprene sleeve so you can hold the cup with boiling water in it, and has a Sip-It Lid you can drink right out of.

Just the Facts:

-6.3 oz
-.6L (perfect for 2 person mountain house meals)


This little pot is just a joy to use and one that served me well for the last few months. I teamed it with a Soto ODR-1 stove and the pot works like a charm. For only $28 you get a telescoping spork, a silicone pot gripper, insulated sleeve and Sip-It Lid you can drink coffee out of. Its .6L capacity is just big enough to hold 2 cups of boiling water. Everything included (including the stove I used) fits perfectly inside the pot. The big thing about this that I like is it is light weight and not any bigger than what one person needs for eating freeze dried meals and having a cup of coffee. It is similar in weight to titanium at a fraction of the price.

If anyone is on a budget and needs a good pot I would highly recommend this set up or any of the other set ups GSI Outdoors has in their lineup. Even If you have an unlimited budget this pot is worth looking at. It really is a great value and performs extremely well!!

What they could do better:

At this price nothing.

GSI Outdoors Haulite Minimalist Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability