Glacier Glove

Editor: Cory M.

Just the Facts:

Kenai™ Waterproof
Our Kenai is our Top Selling Glove. This glove can be worn for a variety of outdoor activities and is totally waterproof. The Kenai is a favorite of the US Coast Guard and Marines.

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Perfect Curve Glove
The Perfect Curve Glove is the one that started it all. With Pre-Curved fingers, these gloves will help you last outdoors all day.

My Story:
What can I can say about these gloves other than they work! They kept my hands dry, warm, and comfortable through the duration of the 2016/2017 waterfowl season. I used the gloves from in several different states and in temperatures ranging from 60 degrees to negative 10F. The end result was that I had dry hands.

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When it comes to comparing the two I guess it just depends on what activity you are trying to undertake. For any shooting sport I think that the Perfect Curve glove is great as it already allows your trigger finger to have a slight natural curve. It makes pulling the trigger than much more enjoyable. I found the curve to be a bit cumbersome when trying to use my finger tips for fine motor skill tasks.
The Kenai glove was great when it came to setting decoys, moving ice, boat rides, and was really just an overall good glove. It is tough to find a way to write glamourous tales about gloves and honestly I don’t think that is what our readers are looking for here. You are reading this because you want to know if these gloves preform to the level that they are advertised. Well, I can tell you with complete honesty that I found them to be flawless in the way of waterproofing. The grip offered by the SHARKSKIN TEXTURE is also excellent. So in these two areas I can find no flaws.

There is one slight downside that is simply unavoidable but worth a mention. That is the issue of condensation within the glove. Even in the coldest of temperatures I found that my hands were susceptible to condensation caused by heat or sweat. The end result was a clammy feeling hand that could become cold. The inner part of the glove is lined and it does a good job of protecting but the issue is still valid and needs to be pointed out. The best way I found to combat this issue was to only use my Glacier Gloves while in and around the water. I would change into a softer non waterproof glove when sitting in the blind. This seemed to be a winning combination and my hands were rarely if ever cold after I began this routine.
I believe that any outdoorsman would benefit by having a pair of Glacier Gloves in their kit.

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What can be done better?
These gloves are priced very realistically and preform as advertised. I cannot find anything I would change about this product.

I give both of these Glacier Glove products 5 Stars

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability