FITS Sock Company Sock review

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FITS Sock Co.™ products are designed to be the best fitting performance outdoor socks in the industry.
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FITS Sock Co.™ products are designed to be the best fitting performance outdoor socks in the industry. Over 100 years of experience has taught us to recognize the importance of careful, precise sock-fitting based more on total foot volume than foot length. All FITS™ socks deliver unique benefits – thanks to superior construction, the highest quality materials, and innovative design. Our socks are constructed from two-ply, compact-spun, ultra-fine Merino Wool, providing the ultimate blend of softness and durability. Our F3 Technology™ delivers a unique form FIT thanks to a deep heel pocket, specialized toe seam, and contoured leg – which keep FITS socks firmly in place. This means no more bunching, hot spots, or friction, regardless of the task at hand.

Fits Sock Co

I’m somewhat obsessed with finding the best gear possible. I always pay special attention to foot gear. While, reading through Backpacker magazine. I read a sweet review about this company. I immediately researched and purchased several different pairs of socks this spring.
I have worn these socks on super hot mid summer wildland deployments for weeks at a time without washing. And, week long backpacking and hunting trips from warm fall weather to plowing through feet of snow. I have worn them with running shoes, light hikers, Mtn bike shoes, heavy leather logging boots, snowboard boots, and a few in between.
I can say without a doubt that these socks are the best! They have a great heel pocket which prevents any type of bunching or hot spots. The toe box is specially knitted to keep your little piggies happy. Add, the calf is designed to stay firmly in place. These socks are simply amazing! I wear them almost every day no matter what activity I’m planning for the day.
Try a pair and get your feet blow away. Plus, they’re made in the USA!

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FITS Sock Company Sock review
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