Pop-Up Fire Pit Outdoor Grill Bundle

By Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:


The perfect kit for the outdoor BBQ or tailgating event. The Outdoor Grill bundle includes the Pop-Up Fire Pit, Heat Shield, and your choice in size of grill grates.

This Outdoor Grill packs down smaller than most folding chairs and weighs just 16lbs making it easy to transport and set up just about anywhere.

The Pop-Up Pit Outdoor Grill Bundle is the Most Portable, Lightweight, Full-Size Grill ever created. 

The All Aluminum and Stainless Steel construction means your Pop Up Pit Grill is strong, sturdy and will Never Rust. The collapsible, cross-beam base has a very wide platform and is incredibly stable on all surfaces.

The Pop Up Pit Outdoor Grill Bundle Weighs Just 14lbs In Total but can easily hold up to 125 lbs of wood/fuel and 80lbs of meat and vegetables!

Bundle Includes:

  • Pop-Up Pit Base Kit
  • Heat Shield 
  • Tri-Fold or Quad-Fold Grilling Grates

My Story:

If you spend time outdoors you know all about having a fire. Fire is one of the most important parts of a good camping trip and as long as there is not a burn ban it is almost a staple. Most campsites around the country come with previously set up fire pits but this is not always the case. Sometimes there are restrictions to campfires and un-contained fire is not allowed. This is a pretty common rule for river rafters and the like. So what are us fire craving campers to do? Well, buy a fire pit of course, but with so many options how do we choose the right one? I’ll tell ya, just go buy Fireside Outdoors’s Pop-Up Fire Pit and never look back!

You ever find yourself wanting to BBQ but you just don’t have the room to pack the grill? How about when the BBQ is over and you want to sit around a fire but there just into any practical place to have an in-ground fire pit? Lastly, have you ever used one of those “other” fire pits that keep the fire off the ground only to have it scorch the grass underneath? Well you are in luck because those days are over! Fireside Outdoors saw the need for something better and they answered the call.

My first go with the Pop-Up Fire Pit was during a late summer BBQ. I wanted to grill but I was not interested in sitting in my west facing backyard during the heat of the day. After some thought I remembered that I had the Pop-Up Fire Pit waiting to be tested and I thought this was the perfect time to get it out and try the grill. Setup was easy and the included instructions made perfect sense to me, at the time anyway. I learned later that I had made a bit of a mistake on my initial setup of the grill portion. It still functioned but I forgot to slide the retention walls into the brackets as you may notice in the photo.  

The grill functioned perfectly and I was able to entertain some friends and family with some great kabobs during a hot summer evening. I was dying to test the fire pit itself but a strong burn ban was in effect and when you live in the arid dry wheat lands of Eastern Washington you just can’t ignore those bans as it could have disastrous consequences.

It was not until fall that I was able to put my Pop-Up Fire Pit to the test. I was in the backcountry of Idaho and living out of a wall tent for 11 days. The Pop-Up Fire Pit was perfect fit for this type of camping as it allowed me to move the fire to the area that I wanted without having to create and new ground pit that I would have had to destroy after breaking camp. It is so nice to be able to have your fire in exactly the place you want, at the time you want it, without worry of what to do when you leave. We burned some great fires in the Pop-Up Fire Pit for the nearly two week trip and I was very happy with its performance.

When I camp I like to have big fires. The Pop-Up Fire Pit has a weight capacity of 125LBS which means you can have a healthy fire. The mesh base allows for exceptional airflow so you will enjoy a very warm and efficient fire while you tell your best stories. I really enjoyed this great product and I think it would be a fantastic addition to any camping kit.       


Well, I am sad to have to come on here to post a negative update but after last weekends camping trip I am very disappointed with this product. I was very confused to see it fail so badly with a fire that was not nearly what I had. I will be reaching back out to the company but that does not change the the results of this disastrous trip.


Moved to 2 stars until I can get some resolution.


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What can be done better?

See update.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability