Fenix HP 11 headlamp Review

Editor: Cameron Meier

Basic Description of Item:

A high power output headlamp that is water proof to IPX6 standards. It has 2 modes and 7 brightness levels. It has a peak lumen output of 277!! is utilizes a single bulb R5 led bulb, that also includes a diffusion lens cap that is removable. Powered by 4 AA batteries.

Just the Facts:

-10 oz with 4 AA batteries.

-4 lumens = 206 hours
-55 lumens = 25 hours
-133 lumens = 9.5 hours
-277 lumens = 3.8 hours

-Water proof to IPX 6 standards
-Single R5 led bulb
-154 meter throw
-Made out of Aircraft grade Aluminum and plastic
-Can be found for around $70


I have always been a fan of high power single LED headlamps for blood trailing and hiking in the dark. I like the concentrated throw they give you and the distance they can reach. This Fenix HP11 headlamp is one of the best I have come across for the price. This thing is bright, and it has a very long throw out beyond 150 meters! The headlamp is very comfortable and I experienced very little heat from the headlamp while wearing it. The batter pack is positioned on the back or your head so everything is very well balanced.

For a 277 lumen output the run time is pretty impressive at almost 4 hours. The next highest output of 133 lumens would be used the most and is still really bright and has a 9.5 hour runtime. I would not use this light for my only headlamp or main headlamp. The runtime is not long enough for general use around camp and being used while quartering an elk or up close work, where the lumens are not needed.

This headlamp for me was not designed to be that type of light and I am not going to use it for this purpose. I have a smaller and lighter 3 led headlamp that has a runtime of 80 hours with 50 lumens of output, which is more than enough for general use and I won’t have to bring 5lbs of AA along with me. But for blood trailing and having a backup or second headlamp along this headlamp rocks! I never like being without two headlamps and teaming it up with a lighter style headlamp I think you will have a great system for back country hunts.
I know some guys that buy 2 of the same headlamps that have are a 3 or 5 led headlamp that have a 40-50 lumen output and 50 meter throw and think why? Sue a backup is great and is essential in my mind but why not have a different style for blood trailing and emergencies. I would recommend this be the second headlamp they get.

What they could do better:

At this price point and the intended use I laid out in the above paragraphs, nothing. This head lamp is best suited if you carry 2 headlamps and want the added benefit of having a spot light to light up the side of a mountain! But carry a smaller lighter weight headlamp with better run times at lower settings.

Fenix HP 11 headlamp Review
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