Elk Mountain Portable Hunting Blind / Decoy Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:
Portable Hunting Blind and Decoy. Available in MANY Decoy types:

Just the Facts:
Waterproof, comfortable rubber grip handle
High Grade Aluminum Alloy Shaft
Adjustable Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole with twist lock mechanism
Stainless steel adaptors and spike
Swivel-mount camera adaptor
Rubber V-shaped rifle/shotgun adaptor
60 inch black canopy to insure maximum opacity and concealment
Rugged, durable construction
Decoy covers available:Elk, Deer, Goose, Turkey…


We obtained the base Slip System and several Blind styles / Decoys from the great guys at Elk Mountain several months ago. We have used them on 2 Utah Turkey hunts, and on numerous scouting trips in Utah.
We will also be using the system on several upcoming Deer, Elk, and Antelope hunts in a variety of states. We will update this review as we pursue different big game species:
Ok, our Turkey Hunt in Utah.
We used the blind on multiple Turkey scouting trips, and on our actual archery hunt. We found the the system to be great for the trek into the hunting area. We were able to use it as a walking stick, now granted it is not the best trekking pole in the world, but it was adequate. We found the Slip system to be rugged and were able to push on it hard as we hiked. It held up to this well.
When arriving at our location we were able to quickly set up the system and deploy it in a very short amount of time. I actually prefer it to the Montana decoy system that I have used multiple times.
The system can be used with multiple decoy and blind options.

For this hunt we chose to use the CAMO cover, as we did not want to get shot while hiding behind a turkey. We did use the turkey slip cover on a scouting trip, and it performed GREAT. The animals were attracted to the great looking Gobbler.
Our hunt found us using the blind to spot and stalk a group of turkeys…and this worked well. We were able to hold the blind in front of us, move in, and then jab the blind in the ground when we stopped.

We are anxious to try this system starting in August on several deer and elk hunts. I am confident that it will work well both as a decoy and as a blind.

We highly recommend the Elk Mountain Blind and Decoy System. It is well built, easy to use, and very importantly IT WORKS!
Go check them out:

What they could do better:
Nothing we can think of.

Elk Mountain Portable Hunting Blind / Decoy Review
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