DUO-Flex2 Pro Aspect Solar Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:
The DUO-Flex2 Pro bundle features the power and versatility of the DUO-Flex2 portable solar panel charger and the SB-37A highest capacity portable battery. The panels offer both vertical and horizontal solar panel configuration in a lightweight, durable, weather resistant design. The SB-37A battery has enough power to charge a smart phone up to 7.5 times, a tablet 1.2 times, or a point and shoot USB camera up to 16.5 times.

Just the Facts:
Battery Capacity 10000mAh
Solar Charge Time 8-10 hours
Input 5V 2.0A (Quick Charging)
Outputs 5V 2.1A, 5V 2.1A
Cell Type Lithium-ion Polymer
Dimensions 4.88 x 2.28 x 0.63 in.
Weight 7.68 ounces

Rated Power 13W (±5%)
Output USB Micro (DC 5V 2.0A Max)
Dimensions Packed: 12.60 x 6.89 x 1 in.
Rectangle Configuration: 12.6 x 13.78 x 0.5 in.
Square Configuration: 25.2 x 6.89 x 0.5 in.
Weight (w/ Battery) 23.2 ounces

DEVICE WATTAGE Number of Charges w/ Full Battery
Smart Phone 13 6
Tablet 13 1
Point & Shoot Camera 13 14

aspect solar duo-flex2

The story:
If I am in the back county for more than 1 day, I pack a solar panel, PERIOD!
There is a lot to be said for getting away from technology, but there is also a lot to be said for staying connected, being just a phone call away from help, and always having power.

I have tried many methods of keeping charged: A pre-charged battery pack, A camp stove that produces voltage, and many solar panels.
By far, by favorite method to stay powered up, is to carry a solar panel.
I usually keep the panel in my main camp, and make day expeditions without it. I keep it pointed towards the sun, and charging my battery pack during the day, and then charge from the battery at night.

The Duo Flex2 from Aspect Solar is a top notch, highly functional, well made solar panel!
It is fairly small and can easily be carried in your pack or on the outside of your pack if you prefer. The Duo Flex comes with 4 carabiners that attach to the corners of the panels and can connect your panel to about anything. The solar panel has great gromets placed on each corner that are solid, and pose little to no threat of every wearing out.

I have occasionally used the panel on the outside of my pack as I hiked to a destination. The solar panel is housed in a very nice neoprene case that acts as a protector, and provides some storage. I keep the battery in one of the 2 pouches, and charge as I walk. Works great!

When I am in camp I look for a good spot on my tent, in a tree, or about anywhere that is going to give me maximum exposure to the sun for the day. The Duo Flex2 easily attaches to anything.
On 2 occasions I experienced a pretty good rain storm while I was away from camp, and was a little stressed about the Duo Flex2. NO SWEAT! the panel seems waterproof and the rain had no effect on the battery pack or the solar panel.

duo flex2 aspect solar

The material and workmanship on this thing are second to none! The seams are double stitched, the neoprene is high grade, and the zippers are water and dust proof.

I am able to charge the battery completely in about 10 hours of sunlight exposure. When the battery is charged, I can then charge 3 phones, or an Ipad and a phone.
The battery that ships with the Duo Flex2 Pro is outstanding. It is easy to see that it is charging, easy to see it is charged, and gets a lot of work done!

Great job Aspect Solar, this Duo Flex2 is another example of a great product from a great company.
I am thrilled with Aspect Solar products, and highly recommend them!

What they could do better:
I would like to see a replaceable charger cable.
USB cables can wear out, it would be nice to be able to replace it with a standard USB cable.

DUO-Flex2 Pro Aspect Solar Review
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  • Ergonomics
  • Durability