Dreamwave Tremor

Editor: Cory McLaughlin

Just the Facts:

Rock it out hard
Professional craftsmanship and performance for the outdoor Audiophile enthusiast.
Tremor is an extremely rugged, high performance 50WBluetooth speaker sound system, professionally tuned and crafted for the audiophile. You can rock out with Tremor from sunrise to sundown with its rechargeable 20,800mAh lithium polymer battery. There’s no other Bluetooth speaker that can play louder and longer, with its combination of advanced technologies and audiophile sound tuning that reproduce the fullness, clarity and depth of your music the way the artist intended. It’s equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC for easy pairing with your mobile music devices. If one Tremor is simply not enough sound to rock the party, you can connect and pair two Tremors together at once to provide double the sound for the ultimate Hi-Fi experience, whether it’s your backyard or the beach. The rugged construction, IPX5 protection against water/dust/sand/snow and portable design with a sturdy shoulder strap, makes the Tremor the only true outdoor activity speaker sound system able to go anywhere and everywhere with you. This is the only Bluetooth speaker you need to get all of your outdoor parties Rocking’!

dreamwave speaker
dreamwave speaker

● 50W Premium Audiophile Performance Sound System
● IPX5 Water/Dust/Sand/Snow Protection
● Connect 2 Tremors Together At Once
● Bluetooth CSR 4.0 + EDR, A2DP AVRCP, APTX
● 20,800mAh Rechargeable Battery (Power Bank)
● Play time: Up to 18 Hours (8 Hours Max Volume, Full Bass Status)
● Hands Free Calling and NFC Ready
● USB 5V/1A Port for Charging Mobile Devices
● Hi-Fi Sound and Anti-Distortion Circuitry

My Story:
So, what’s in a speaker? What is it that sets this speaker apart from the hordes of other speakers out there on the market? It plays music, is splash proof, looks rugged, and boasts that it’s loud and can also act as a charging bank for a phone. Yeah, I know I’ve heard all these thing before too. So what is the difference? The Dreamwave Tremor does do all these things that other speaks do, it just does them better!
Let’s start with the massive 20,800 mAh battery. This thing is a beast! This massive battery is going to give you an advertised 8 hours of full volume rocking. I know, I know, advertised life and real life are not always the same. I tested this speaker on several occasions many of which lasted more than 8 hours. I can say that while most of the time I was rocking on full volume there were times that I had to turn it down a bit. In the end the battery lasted every bit of the advertised 8 hours. My honest assessment is that this thing will keep rocking for longer than you can. I was even able to charge my phone from %9 to a full charge. This is a great feature as Bluetooth usually eats phone battery. When it’s possible I suggest using the 3.5mm jack to connect directly to the Tremor. This will also provide a better connection and limit any type of Bluetooth interruption.

dreamwave speaker
dreamwave speaker

So, how about the sound? Well this speaker is massive so it should not surprise you to hear that it can really rock! When it comes to sound though, there are different levels of quality. Just because a speaker is loud does not necessarily mean that it sounds good. There are plenty of cheap speakers that boom out poor sounding music. Fortunately for those of us who are kicked back jamming out to the Dreamwave Tremor that is not an issue. The Tremor offers sound quality that is simply out of this world. Weather your playlist is as diverse as Johnny Cash to some crazy EDM it’s not a problem for the Tremor. The audiophile sound tuning does an amazing job of making the songs sound as crisp and clean as possible. You will not have washout or interference of the highs or misses of even the slightest lows. You are going to hear it all and in the way it was intended to be heard. The Tremor is going to transform your music into the art that it is meant to be.
One of the coolest features of this great speaker it’s ability to follow you on whatever crazy adventure you go on. With the IPX 5 rating it does not matter if you are battling a rain storm in the Pacific Northwest or jamming out in the middle of a dust storm in the Nevada desert the Tremor is going to keep pumping your ears with the sweet sounds of your favorite music. When I was talking to a Dreamwave representative he told me that your music is your story. I really liked that, and it really makes a lot of sense. Music is our story and such a distinct signature of our true self. The Tremor lets you tell your story no matter the weather, and that is something worth bragging about.


I have had the great fortune of using my Tremor speaker for some great experiences. It has followed me to the beach with friends, to a summer camp high in the Cascade Mountains, and it has replaced my old patio speaker and become my primary BBQ speaker. I really have to say that this thing is simply fantastic.


I was also fortunate enough to see a demonstration of two Tremors being paired together and the jam session that resulted was nothing short of amazing. After connecting the two Tremor’s and my phone I chose the song Dead by My Chemical Romance. It is a high energy song that I feel really tests the speaker’s ability to handle some intense highs. I have used this song many times to test speakers, and I have to say, the Tremor handled it wonderfully. With the two speakers paired I was able to rock out at a level that any head banging rock fan would appreciate. The coolest part was that I was in a giant expo center with tons of outside noise. So, to get that type of sound in the setting I tested it in was really impressive. I should mention that I am not a trained sound engineer, in fact, I am nothing more than an average guy. I have however been blessed with the opportunity to test a huge verity of products and in my honest opinion this is one of the best speakers I have used.

dreamwave speaker
dreamwave speaker

If you are in the market for a speaker that is going to keep you rocking no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, and at a sound level that will not leave you wanting more, you need to take a look at the Dreamwave Tremor. This thing is simply awesome!

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What can be done better?
For my needs and the purpose of this review I cannot find anything that I would drastically change with this great speaker. The only thing that I would like to see is a bit longer shoulder strap. I had issues with this strap being short as I found myself wanting to actually carry the speaker from my shoulder and that is not possible with the current setup. However, the speaker does what it’s designed to do though and really allows you to blast your music. Like I said above, your music is your story, the Tremor will definitely help you tell it to the world.

I give this speaker a 5 star rating as it is one of the best speakers I have ever used.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability