Delton AR-15 Sierra 316/MOE (Magpul Edition)

Editor: Cameron

Just the Facts:

• Chrome Moly Vanadium
• M4 Feed Ramps
• 16″ Length
• 1×9 Twist
• A2 Flash Hider
• Manganese Phosphated
• Phosphated under Front Sight Base
• Taper Pins on F-Marked Front Sight Base
• Threaded Muzzle
• Mid Length Heavy Profile

This particular rifle produced by Delton is a great value for what you are getting. All the internals on Delton’s rifles are the same, you get a HPT/MPI tested bolt and carrier. Which is also properly staked and this model is chrome lined and Mil-Spec. The barrel is not a standard M4 or government profile barrel, it is a medium to heavy profile helping it maintain very good accuracy. Most would not say a 16 inch barrel that is not Stainless steel or match grade can be accurate. I have yet to shoot this rifle out past 100 yards or shoot groups with it past that distance. But with Iron sights I was consistently hitting a 6 inch steel plate at 100 yards. I look forward to putting a magnified optic on it and going varmint hunting this winter.


I believe a 16 inch ar-15 is a great all around choice for someone getting into that market, it works well for plinking and home defense, and due to the heavy barrel it maintains greater accuracy due to the increased stiffness and rigidity. The longer the barrel you get on a rifle the greater chance for barrel whip to decrease accuracy. Shorter = Stiffer and the potential greater accuracy. You do however lose velocity out of a shorter barrel and some argue that the 5.56 was designed for a 20 inch barreled gun. Although that may be true, 300-400 yards with the right optic and some 69 grain match ammo should be no problem for most varmint hunting and plinking.

You very rarely find Ar-15’s at the Sub $1,000 mark that includes this good of barrel and internals, which is the most important part of any AR-15 in my opinion. If you are looking for a great AR-15 at a great price look no further than Delton.

Delton also has many rifle “kits” that are shipped to your door (no FFL needed), and all you need is a mil spec lower to complete your build. A good option for someone who is wanting to save some money buying parts separate. I look forward to testing this gun at distance in the near future, stay tuned for a follow up review by the start of 2015.

If you guys have anything in particular that you want to see done, just email and mention this AR-15 review.

Delton AR-15 Sierra 316/MOE (Magpul Edition) review
  • Functionality
  • Value


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