DeLorme Earthmate GPS PN-40 – Hiking GPS receiver Review

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Basic Description:

Outdoor hiking hunting camping handheld Global Position System

Just the Facts:

The PN-40 comes equipped with a three-axis electronic compass that can provide compass direction while stationery. The electronic compass is disabled when moving and the GPS heading is used. The PN-40 makes it easy to calibrate the compass for use in the field; simply follow the on-screen directions and you’re set to go. DeLorme also includes an accelerometer, which in tandem with the compass provides the ability to figure the angle the GPS is tilted and determine an accurate compass reading regardless of how you are holding the PN-40 in your hand (tilted up, face down, etc.). Accelerometers measure the amount of static acceleration due togravity; by sensing the amount of dynamic acceleration, the PN-40 can analyze the way the device is moving and make adjustments. The PN-40 comes equipped with a barometric altimeter for providing accurate altitude readings. The barometric altimeter works in conjunction with the GPS to measure elevation when using auto calibration (if auto calibration is disabled, then the barometric altimeter is the only sensor providing elevation information). GPS by itself can only factor an approximate altitude reading, but in conjunction with the altimeter the PN-40 can provide accurate elevation data


I purchased the Delorme PN-40 last  year in preparation for spring summer and fall hiking and big game scouting.

I would be hunting and hiking areas that had very tricky access due to private land, state  and park boundaries. It was critical that I knew exactly where I was at in relation to these boundaries. I also needed a unit that would give me good maps, that included remote roads and hiking trails. This led me to the PN-40. I also was excited that I could download maps for the unit, not only just topo maps, but arial photos and high detail images.

I used the GPS at least daily as I prepared for my trips to southern Utah. I loaded many many arial maps and image files. I really like the interface to the internet software and the maps I purchased. The software is good!

I was pleased that when scouting I had a very fast boot up, and find time. I could in heavy cover rely on the unit to perform. I found the map detail to be exactly what I needed.

I wont go into all the details, but suffice it to say:  That this GPS functioned very very well for finding trails, remote roads, boundaries, and state lines. Navigation, saving Waypoints, finding waypoints, and interfacing online was all a snap.

Nice Job Delorme!

What they could do better:

Little bigger screen would be nice.

DeLorme Earthmate GPS PN-40 - Hiking GPS receiver Review
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